CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship 2021

Date: 2021-03-28 View: 165 Compiler:

CIPS will hold its Ornamental Fish Championship for the fifth year. The championship receives 60,000 visitors onsite. Over 500,000 domestic viewers and 100,000 international viewers online and through social media. In addition to the existing aqua exhibitors on CIPS show, CIPS Championship is building up an aqua community of hobbyists, breeders, clubs, associations, and suppliers. The event stimulates the trade of livestock, equipment and accessories.

Varieties: 20 (Arowana, Stingray, Color Koi, Koi, Goldfish, Flower Horn, Discus, Plecos, Red Swordfish, Tigerfish, Cichlid, Butterfly Carp, Betta, Guppy, Crystal Shrimp, Crayfish, Reptiles, China Native Ornamental Fish, Aquascaping, and Sea Water Aqua, etc.)

Team: 100+ international refugees supported by 300 technical professionals.

Supplies: All equipment & accessories provided by sponsoring suppliers.

Promotion: Worldwide media partners on print, website, and social media.

Viewers: Estimated 70,000 onsite + 700,000 online

Prizes: Certificates + trophies + cash (grand champions ranging from 30,000 US $ to 1,000 US $)

Time: 17 to 20 Nov, 2021

Location: Shanghai, China.