CIPS Releasing Three Aquarium Contests in 2021

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CIPS Releasing Three Aquarium Contests in 2021
New contest season is coming, be ready for the most viewed contest in the aquarium industry.
On June 25, CIPS announced that it will restart the three aquarium events: CIPS International Aquascaping Contest (CIAC), CIPS International Marine Aquascaping Contest and CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC). Since 2017, these most watched events stir up much enthusiasm among the qua community in the whole world. CIPS will jointly promote the contest to the global aquarium industry with domestic and international media and platforms. The 25th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2021) is the only platform to showcase the most comprehensive aquarium event in the world.
At the CIPS 2021, domestic and international professionals of aquarium industry will join the event from online and on-site to promote cooperation and seek business opportunities, in order to accelerate the development of aquarium industry.
CIPS International Aquascaping Contest (CIAC)
CIPS International Aquascaping Contest (CIAC) was jointly organized by China Fisheries Association Aquascaping Branch and CIPS since 2016, and officially started to contest the year after. CIAC among other contests of the CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship has strictly adhered to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. The organizer of the contest does not participate in the scoring. All results are independently selected and scored by the judging panel under the leadership of the head judge.
CIPS International Marine Aquascaping Contest (CMAC)
With the continuous efforts of aquarium enthusiasts in recent years, there has been a strong entrance of players in the sea water field. The communication between domestic and international players has become more and more frequent. In order to improve the appreciation level of the overall seawater players in China and cultivate the technical strength of seawater creatures, China Fisheries Association Marine Ornamental Branch has joined forces with CIPS to organize CIPS International Marine Aquascaping Contest (CMAC) during the CIPS 2021.
CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC)
The 2nd CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC) held in 2019 has attracted the attention of fish, nature, and original ecology lovers in China and abroad. Landscape masters from all over the world competed to present their artwork, which feasted all enthusiasts. The native habitat of different fish species in the world will be presented at the 2021 contest.