• CIPS Innovation Award

    CIPS Innovation Award is dedicated to promoting and recognizing innovative products with independent intellectual property rights, improving pet welfare, environmental protection and sustainable devel......

  • Made-in-China Premium Products Award

    This award aims to reward the manufacturers that provide same quality of products in domestic and international market. The enterprises that win the awards represent the highest level of manufacturing......

  • GlobalPETS Forum Asia

    CIPS and Pets International have joined forces to launch Global Pet Forum (Asia), analyzing the latest trends worldwide, especially in Asia. There are collisions and delivery of ideas, social networki......

  • CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship

    The Championship has expanded to 20 species. The world-class aquarium championship has the most comprehensive varieties, the largest scale, the highest quality, the strictest rules, and the highest pr......

  • CIPS Global Grooming Conference

    The event aims at creating a world top grooming event gathering leading pet groomers around the world to communicate on different styles and latest technics. The three day event has competition, confe......

  • China Pet Industry Investment Forum

    The pet industry has attracted a lot of attention from the capital market in recent years. The Forum aims to help the industry connecting with capital investment.

  • China Pet Distributors & E-Commerce Conference

    Efficiently connect manufacturers to distributing channels, either the traditional channel or the uprising e-commerce channel.

  • China Import Pet Food Symposium

    The Chinese pet food market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with sales growing at least 25% a year. The Symposium interprets of the Chinese government's policy and assists internat......

  • CIPS New Product Showcase

    Bringing together innovative pet products and technologies around the world, stimulate innovation through static and concentrated display.

  • CIPS Fashion Show

    The world very first new product launching platform with the theme of fashion, innovation and charm.

  • Smart Life Zone

    China is at the forefront in the development of pet smart products, and the trend has evolved from single product to creating smart living environment. CIPS creates the first smart life zone of pet pr......

  • Fashion Life Experience Center

    This area displays the most fashionable pet products and peripheral products.