CIAC 2019 (Medium to Large Aquarium) Top 100

Date: 2019-10-14 View: 797 Compiler:

On Nov. 13, CIPS has released CIAC 2019 (Medium to Large Aquarium) Top 100 results. Yoyo Prayagi has won the gold prize as well the 100,000 RMB cash, which will be handed out on Nov. 20, in Shanghai at CIPS show site during the CIAC Award Ceremony.

The Goal of CIAC is to make the freshwater aquarium hobby grow by inspiring worldwide hobbyists and creating a bigger awareness for nature. CIAC is an online contest. Another much talked event is CIPS Live International Aquascaping Contest (CLIAC), which is a live team contest held on CIPS each year. The teams consist of top 100 CIAC contestants, and sometimes, even judges, creating works on site within one day, using limited materials provided by the organizers in tanks of the same size. This is a once every year event to gather the leading aquascapers in the world in the same spot.

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