CEO Programme for China’s Pet Industry

Date: 2017-01-18 Compiler:

GIE and Zoolook co-host CEO Programme for China’s Pet Industry On January 13th in Beijing, marked as the first stop of the tour.

Headmaster from Zoolook: Mr. Jun He.

Before the programme even started, there has been rumour that this practical programme can speed up 3 years of development. Beijing stop has welcomed professionals and magazine personnel from pet industry with full house.

With the development of society, people treat pets differently – from pet owners to pet slaves. People are more willing to pick up functional pet products for their beloved pets. It makes the lower price replicates losing its market share.

domestic dog leash RMB 15-30                           imported multi-function leash RMB 300-600

Only when understanding pet behavior, can we discover the business opportunity behind it, therefore developing products that suits for pet and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage.

Apart from the programme, all attendees had a tour in Zoolook to witness how the trainers train animals.

After the event, Mr. Hong Yu, head of pet department in GIE and Mr. Jun He, headmaster from Zoolook present certificate of training for all attendees.