Post-show Report of the 27th China International Pet Show

Date: 2024-01-19 Compiler:

The 27th China International Pet show (CIPS) was successfully held from December 7th to 10th, 2023, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Held twice a year for the first time, CIPS still maintained an area of 60,000 square meters with around 700 exhibitors. It successfully attracted nearly 70,000 professionals from over 120 countries and regions, gathering for exploration and discussions.


Adhering to the concept of utilizing foreign trade as a breakthrough to drive industry recovery, CIPS made full use of its advantages as a professional B2B trade platform, highlighting its brand characteristics and attracting professional buyers from both domestic and international markets. At the same time, CIPS focused on industry development and showcased industry trends by organizing advanced training, bringing in a feast of industry competitions, and collaborating with participants to write a new chapter in the industry.


Exhibitors Data Analysis

Visitors Data Analysis

CIPS Highlights

Internationalization of Trade. The 27th CIPS showcased trends and provided motivation for the industry. It attracted global pet and aquarium industry leaders and strove to be an international marketing platform. Over the past 27 years, CIPS promotes Buy Globally, Sell Globally, inviting worldwide buyers to explore Chinese opportunities and guiding Chinese enterprises to expand globally. This time attendees included traditional market leaders from Europe and America, as well as emerging forces from Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and others, with notable growth in professionals from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Intelligent Products. With the development of the times, consumers increasingly prioritize the upgraded consumer experience brought about by technological advancements. High technology allows pet owners to better understand their pets' health information, making their pets' lives more convenient and comfortable, and enhancing human-pet interaction. Intelligent products at this exhibition included: smart feeders, smart tracking collars, wireless drinking fountains, smart cat litter boxes, and more.

Sustainable Development. Green Paw Prints, Love for Earth was the first green themed event in CIPS, which was to promote sustainability in the pet and aquarium industry by showcasing new opportunities and cutting-edge concepts. We’re committed to paving the way for sustainable development and encouraging people to embrace green products. This time the following products were awarded: eco-friendly poop scoops, water improvement using nano-trivalent silver ion components, renewable rubber toys, pet clothing made from recycled fabrics, and zero carbon emission eco-friendly enclosures, etc.

Segmentation by Function. With the maturity of the pet care market, there is a trend towards the segmentation and diversification of food and supplies. For instance, the specialized segmentation in cat and dog food also occurs to aquarium and small pet food categories, with advanced ingredients and significant segmentation.

Concurrent Events

The second Global Pet E-commerce Forum had invited industry experts from various platforms such as TikTok, Amazon, Taobao, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Video Channel to explore new channels, strategies, and trends in e-commerce. The forum aimed to assist brands in maximizing e-commerce profitability.

The 5th CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC) gathered internationally renowned masters, showcasing cutting-edge techniques and expertise, unveiling trends and global fashions in pet grooming and care, aligning and exchanging ideas with the international pet beauty community. Notably, to address the rapid growth in the population of Chinese terrier breeds and the scarcity of grooming professionals for these breeds, CIPS had specially invited an internationally renowned terrier master to demonstrate the grooming style of Norwich terriers on-site, providing a rare opportunity for Chinese groomers to learn and exchange experiences.

As a benchmark in the aquatic industry, the CIPS series competitions were the highlight of the entire event. Due to the unique nature of live species, events featuring dragon fish, tiger fish, stingrays, arowana, and marine landscaping were only showcased at the 26th CIPS in May. The 27th CIPS presented an upgraded version of the IBC Three-Zone Betta Show, the Asian Cup Guppy Championship, the Global Pleco Championship, the JD Supermarket CIPS Global Goldfish Championship, and Green Garden Paludarium Layout Art Contest Contest.

The CIPS Global Pleco Championship, pioneered by CIPS in 2017, had attracted numerous visitors. The Green Garden Paludarium Layout Art Contest invited world champion landscaper Mr. Fan Zhemin to create scenes on-site and provide commentary.

The aquarium and small pet industry are currently in a rapid development phase, with a vast and promising future. The growth of e-com merce has brought more sales channels to the aquarium and small pet market. The person in charge of aquarium and small pets at shared insights into online consumer trends and user perspectives. This included changes in the relationship between pets and owners, user and industry data insights, trends in the development of the industry, etc.



Feedback of the Participants


The data from the 27th indicates that over 90% of exhibitors and attendees express their intention to participate in the 28th CIPS. The continued support and positive feedback from both exhibitors and attendees serve as a driving force for our progress.

The Shanghai CIPS exhibition fully showcased the thriving development of the pet economy. This exhibition provided a deeper understanding of industry innovation, hot topics, and consumer trends, instilling greater confidence in the future development of the pet industry.

- Ms. Fan Jinjin, Operations Director, Dennis (International) Co., Ltd, China

The results of this exhibition exceeded our expectations, bringing us a large number of potential customers and partners. The exhibition was well-organized with orderly arrangements and thoughtful services, and we were very satisfied.

- Huang Jianling , General Manager, New Voyage Holdings Ltd, China

We liked the exhibition much overall and found all needed products. Thanks a lot for organizing such a great and interesting event!

- Shokhrukh Tillyaev, AQUASTAR LLC, Uzbekistan



The year of 2023 marked exploration and recovery for the exhibition industry. CIPS, responding to the situation, held twice within one year for the first time. Together with all of you, we experienced many memorable moments and achieved significant milestones. We sincerely thank everyone who walked hand in hand with us. The following list is not in any particular order.

The 28th China International Pet Show is scheduled to be held from September 10th to 13th, 2024, at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. CIPS is committed to building a platform for international exchange among pet professionals, continuously breaking through innovations to meet the needs of every participant and create value for customers. Let's reunite in Guangzhou this September!