Ideas & Thoughts Boost the Building of Brands of Chinese Pet Products----- GlobalPets Forum Asia (GPFA)

Date: 2016-11-30 Compiler:

The year of 1997 - 2016 is the golden 20 years for China International Pet show (CIPS) and the development of Chinese pet industry. Both have witnessed the birth and the growth of the other. Nowadays, about 90% of global pet products come from China, which has become the leading country in the world in pet product manufacturing. What other service can CIPS offer?

In recent years, the accelerating rate of Chinese pet product consumption market has shocked the world. The huge population of China and people’s attachment to pet has made China a very attractive market for global pet product brands. How do Chinese local pet product brands manufacturers share the profit from domestic consumption market is the next strategic target of CIPS.

The second edition of GPFA has opened successfully today. Seven international leaders have been invited to share their brand-building experience with 100 pet professionals worldwide. CIPS has expressed her determination & confidence to help boosting Chinese national brand-building.


How large is Asian market? What are the features & development trend of Asian brands?


The number of Global pet (Unit: million),   Cat and Dog.


What is it like in the future? What kind of opportunities and challenges will be brought to the brands due to the changes of the world?


What’s happening?

The rising awareness in the world


It’s no easy job for the Chinese pet industry to emerge as a consumption country from a production country. More enterprises shall make common effort with CIPS to further promote the development of Chinese pet industry in terms of attaching importance to scientific & technological innovation, raising animal welfare and building brand value.