Ad in Official Catalogue

Deadline:Oct. 2019

Contact: Ms. Ling Ren


Tel: 86-10-88102345

Item Specification Price (RMB)
Back Cover 170mm*240mm 20000
Inside Front Cover 170mm*240mm 18000
Inside Front Page Spread 1 340mm*240mm 16000
Inside Front Page Spread2 340mm*240mm 15000
Inside Back Cover 170mm*240mm 14500
Inside spread 340mm*240mm 14000
Inside Full Page 170mm*240mm 8000
Inside Logo   1000
Book Mark 60mm*150mm 15000


Ad on Supplies

Ms. Ling Ren, email:, tel: 86-10-88102345

Item Price (RMB)
Ad on Strap of the badge 38000/20000 strap
108000/60000 strap (Exclusive)
Ad on professional visitor badge 20000/10000 badge
70000/≥40000 badge (Exclusive)
Ad on the back of the ticket 30000
Ad on tote 50000/10000 bag

 Ad on Show Directions  

For booth area larger than 36m² only, 2000 RMB/logo. 10 exhibitors in each hall.
Full page spread at the back of the map, 50000RMB


New Products Showcase

Meadow Zhang, tel: 86-10-88102269 email:

Intro: New Products Showcase aims to display the latest products of pet and aquarium. With intense pre-show promotion, your product will be in the spotlight.

Products will be displayed on a 100cm long showcase. Each show space is 50cm*70cm at the price of RMB 3000.


Please hand in the application form before Oct. 2019

1.   Number of show space ____________

2.   Company Name__________________

3.   Product name, introduction and picture

4.   Contact_________________________

5.   Date of product first enter mainland market (Must after Nov 30, 2016)


We do not display living animals.

Security will be arranged but the organizer is not responsible for any lost or damage to your exhibits.

The shape and size of the display table might vary.


Runway Show

Meadow Zhang, tel: 86-10-88102269 email:

How to stand out among thousands of products? CIPS provides you a stage to promote your products. CIPS firstly combines pet, model and pet supplies together as a new way to launch new products. CIPS continues to offer a great chance to launch new product, promote band and enhance company image with the theme of Fashion, Novelty, Glamour and Harmony.


GPFA Sponsorship

Meadow Zhang, email:, tel: 86-10-88102269

GPFA is a high-end CEO club that pools together top leaders from pet industry worldwide.


Sponsorship for CIPS Ornamental Fish Contest

The organizer is to hold the very first CIPS Ornamental Fish Contest during the show to represent the highest level of ornamental fish contest in China and spread its influence worldwide. We welcome all kinds of sponsorship, including equipment.


Contact: Ms. Lixia Pang, Ms. Yoko Wang,

Tel: +86 010-88102346/2271


On-site Advertisement

Ms. Ling Ren, Tel: 81-10-88102345, Email:

Please refer to CIPS Venue Advertisement plan and contact ad department of the venue.