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The 24thChina International Pet Show (CIPS 2020), the sole B2B show in Asia, 4 days offline and 9 days online, pools together professionals such as leading researchers, manufacturers, traders and brand owners was held in Guangzhou China. 

The success of CIPS has brought confidence and brightness to the industry

With limited international participants, the offline CIPS hosted about 600 exhibitors and 30000 buyers. The CIPS online show will last from Nov. 12 to 20 to cultivate business contacts between exhibitors and 1500 buyers from 74 countries or regions. 

CIPS organizer took special measures to ensure attendees’ safety by registration of health QR codes sourcing of the local government and body temperature check at the entrance as well as wearing mask in all of the public areas. The organizer also controlled the people flow and avoid big crowd by increasing aisles and locating events in different halls. 

CIPS offline show that leads new trend and innovation

China is a rising star and energetic young market for the pet industry, however, both the manufacturers and consumers need to be educated. CIPS organized 28 concurrent events for various sectors of professionals, such as the 6th GlobalPETS Forum Asia, the 1st China International Pet Food Ingredients Conference, China International Pet Food Forum, Design Corner, New Product Showcase, CIPS Innovation Award, etc. Innovation is the top priority of CIPS. The CIPS Innovation Award is committed to stimulate companies to achieve higher standards to promote the development of the industry. From the New Product Showcase and Innovation Awarded products, the trend for the industry is clear. Pet food is going towards healthy and functional focus, with freeze-drying added into the package, gives the pet food better taste and texture, as well as more nutrition. The appearance of pet milk has taken nutrition to the next level. Accessory is more design-oriented, with smart function and IOT. In sanitary products, corn cat litter and mix material cat litter are the new trend. New comers have entered aquarium industry and stirred up challenge to the incumbents. Suppliers takes design seriously and targeted the Z- Generation. 

The highlight of aquarium industry

As CIPS is the largest aquarium show in the world, and the Global Ornamental Fish Championship is building up an aqua community of hobbyists, breeders, clubs, associations, and suppliers. The competition breeds included arowana, guppy, betta, ornamental shrimp, crayfish, stingray and other ornamental fish, all together 20 species, attracted players from more than 20 countries to participate. During the championship, various award ceremonies, salons, forums, auctions, etc. were also held. The championship acts as an engine to stimulate the aquarium industry.

Livestreams- bringing offline show online

In order to bring CIPS offline show closer to the buyers, CIPS launched Selected Products Livestream and Hall Overview Livestream. 4 livestreams of products in pet supplies and aquarium were made by CIPS team, in order to introduce the latest products from the exhibitors.

The 6thGlobalPETS Forum Asia, co-organized with GlobalPETS has become the very first forum that combined online and offline in pet industry, with 9987 overall viewers from both China and abroad, and this number is keeping increasing.

CIPS Online Trade Show, the outcome of innovation

It is the first test in the world pet industry by online and offline shows coupling up to serve the industry in the special historical period. 9,627 products were presented on CIPS Online Trade show, among which 1,669 products were combined with video instruction. CIPS Online Trade Show has attracted buyers from 74 countries, among which, USA, Germany, UK, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Canada and Australia were ranked as the top 10 countries and areas. 297 one-to-one match meetings were made. Tianjin YiYi was the most viewed exhibitor, with 6456 viewers while DongYang Shanjian and Shaoxing Keqiao followed by with 4423 viewers and 4397 viewers respectively.

CIPS grows up together with the industry

Many enterprises grow together with CIPS. “In 1997, we participated at the first edition of CIPS as Tetra’s representative in China and have started this 24-year cooperation with CIPS. CIPS is the frontier or the eyes of China pet industry. We have confidence that CIPS will continue leading more Chinese brands to open the global markets and assisting more overseas brands to expand their Asian business,” said Mr. Ziqian Liu, General Manager of Spectrum Brands. 

New year, new beginning

The 25thChina International Pet Show (CIPS 2021) will be held in November 17 to 20, 2021 in Shanghai at National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai. We hope more commitment from CIPS will be devoted to the world pet industry development together with all of the global professionals.

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