CIPS 2020 Concurrent Event List

Date: 2020-10-13 Compiler:
Online Show1CIPS Online Show Nov 12-20Online 
New Product Release 2New Product Showcase and Smart Life ZoneNov 12-15 Hall 9.2
Forums 3The 6th GlobalPETS Forum AsiaNov 13Online 
4The 1st E-commerce Training CampNov 12-13Hall 9.2
5The 1st China International Pet Food Raw Materials ForumNov 13Langham Place Guangzhou
6The 2nd China International Pet Food ForumNov 14Langham Place Guangzhou
7The 2nd CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC)Nov 12-15 Hall 9.1
8The 8th China Pet Distributors and E-commerce ConferenceNov 14No.8 Meeting Room
9Cat Economy Forum13-NovHall13.2 B2-10
10The 1st CIPS Aquarium SymposiumNov 14Hall 11.3 Stage
11The First China Pet Industry Park Summit  and Promotion ConferenceNov 12Hall 11.2 A2-28
Events12CIPS Design CornerNov 12-15 Hall 9.2
13The 1st CIPS Match-Meeting Nov 12-15 VIP Lounge
14KOL's Selection of ProductsNov 14Meeting Room
15Pet Supplies BazzarNov 12-15 Hall 13.2
16Cat Livestock DisplayNov 12-15 Hall 13.2
17Reptile Livestck DisplayNov 12-15 Hall 9.3
18CIPS Sporting Dog CompetitionNov 12-13Hall 10.2
Contests19CIPS Global Ornamental Fish ChampionshipNov 12-15 Hall 9.3 & 11.3
20CIPS Golden Finger Grooming ContestNov 13-14Hall 13.2 B1-30
21Bungener World Cat ChampionshipNov 13-15 Hall 10.2
22NGKC China Pure Breed    Super League - Guangzhou ChampionshipNov 12-13Hall 13.2
23CGC Companion Dog Sociallization Test - Guangzhou CompetitionNov 14-15 Hall 13.2
Award24CIPS Innovation Award Nov 12Hall 9.2 New Product Showcase Area
25Made-in-China Premium Products Award 2020Nov 14Langham Place Guangzhou
26Times Pets Annual Award Nov 14Langham Place Guangzhou