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July 28th, Beijing. China International Pet Show will open on Nov 12-15, 2020 at Guangzhou, regarded as the hottest event in the second half of the year. As the leading trade show in Asia, CIPS has pooled together 1,387 exhibitors from 24 countries in the 130,000 show space in 2019, and expected to attract 1500 exhibitors. 

China has bounced back from the epidemic. The June 18th mid-year total sales broke a new record of RMB 269,238,952,614 according to On the day of June 18th, the sales have increased 360% compared with last year. Among which, cat food showed 237% increase, cat toys have increased 233%, cat litter has an increase of 135%. The overall pet sector was 110% increase, imported pet products reached 400% increase compared with last year, smart products’ sales was 10 times higher than last year. Online shopping has become a part of lifestyle.

Under this circumstance, CIPS launched CIPS Online Trade Show to provide a platform for trade amid travel restriction. 4 sessions were held successfully, with more than 2000 accurate online match meetings organized during the show. In the follow-up buyer survey, 85% of the buyers believed that online trade would become a trend in the future, and 92% of the buyers considered the online show has helped with their trade. 

CIPS as the Industry’s hub of distribution channels, covers international trade and domestic trade, offline trade and online trade, is expected to be the gateway for brands to enter Asian market, as well as the largest sourcing platform in Asia. With diverse events to suit different needs of the professionals, CIPS is expected to be a marvelous opportunity for all professionals to trade, connect, network, and build brands.

CIPS opens up all b-2-b channels which covers international trade, domestic trade and e-commerce. China Pet Distributors & E-Commerce Conference attracts distributors, e-commerce, marketing experts, and senior media professionals all over China to explore the transformation and upgrading methods of China pet industry, and seek out better respond the post-COVID 19 economic situation. China Pet Retailers Conference pools together outstanding pet shop operators in the field of retail services to discusses the development trend of the pet retail industry, gains insight into growth opportunities, and advocates a symbiotic and win-win industry atmosphere.

CIPS stands out against the difficulties of the epidemic, providing a trade platform open to all professional in the industry, with products to touch, events to attend and standard to follow, every attendee will acquire achievement. During the offline show period, more match meeting will be held with selected buyers, feel free to contact us if you are interested to meet our suppliers.


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