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Important Notice

The industry yearbook is a comprehensive, systematic, and accurate description of important current events, literature, and statistical data for the development of the industry. The public welfare reference book, which is published continuously every year, is an important content for the government, service industry, and service enterprise information.

After careful research and repeated examination, the CIQA and China Pet Industry White Paper reached strategic cooperation on the editing project of "China Pet Industry Yearbook". Based on the authoritative industry data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the CIQA, local governments and associations, and International associations, will compile the "China Pet Industry Yearbook" (hereinafter referred to as the Yearbook), one edition per year, is intended to be published through publishing house.

As an important member of the national industry yearbook series, the Yearbook will objectively record the development process of China's pet industry and the actual situation of the pet industry; to provide technical and data support for manufactures and information guidance with market to consumers; eventually they become the chronicles and bulletins of the development of pet industry.

Data from the "2019 White Paper on China's Pet Industry" show that as of August last year, China's urban pet dog and cat consumer market has reached 202.4 billion Yuan. However, in comparison, the social status of the domestic pet industry does not match the market size and development prospects of the industry. In relevant government meetings and documents, the pet industry is rarely mentioned. The social status of China's pet industry, including associations, enterprises and practitioners, urgently needs to be improved.

The release of the yearbook aims to provide pet industry data support inside and outside the industry, enhance the pet industry's social influence, endorse the development of pet companies, and strive for the support and attention of the government authorities to the pet industry.

The yearbook will implement the editorial department responsibility system under the leadership of the editorial committee. The editorial committee will be composed of heads of relevant government departments and institutions, experts from scientific research institutions, and professionals from pet industry-related enterprises.

The Yearbook editorial department is located in the Information Promotion Center of the Pet Work Committee. It has officially invested in preparations and sincerely invites pet companies and related practitioners to participate together to contribute to the collection and research of the yearbook data. Let us work together to promote the pet industry Brilliant future.