2019 GlobalPETS Forum Asia (GPFA)

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 2019 GlobalPETS Forum Asia (GPFA)

Date: Nov. 19th, 2019

Location: Intercontinental NECC

2019 Theme: Global Pet Business

Global trade is in transition. With uncertainty about the development of the current trade environment, there is no better time to network with professionals and industry experts. GlobalPETS forum Asia's 5th edition will focus on diving into the new rules and regulations developing and what we can expect in the immediate future.  There will be an American and Chinese market orientation as well as tips and tricks on how to expand into Asia, deep diving into the new sourcing countries; India and Cambodia. Tactics and lesson are then reinforced with case studies that showcase the success of brands breaking into these new markets.


Highlighted Topics

A range of speakers from Europe, USA and Asia will present on the following topics

Understanding the trends and developments in the Global Pet market

New Asian sourcing countries: India and Cambodia

Understand the Chinese Consumer, what makes brands a success?

Why is the pet market interesting for investors? How to benefit from it?


Full Agenda



Speaker Company

Speaker Name




Corine & Yang

Block 1
  Market orientation, developments in the globa
l markets in the years 2019-2022


European market


Kayta Witham 

(Global Food & Drink   Analyst at Mintel)


American market

World Pet Association

Jacinthe Moreau (President World Pet   Association WPA)


Chinese market 


Tianyang Fan


break and networking

Parallel sessions


Indian market

India International Pet Trade Fair

Linda Brady (CEO LB Associates)


Cambodian market

Kingdom of Cambodia Light Industry   Technology Park

Kao Mynkol (Light Industry Technology   Park)


lunch and networking

Block 2
  Rules and regulations to expand international market positions in food and   snacks

13:15- 14:00

How to export pet food & snacks around the   world?

Sonya Kosta Di Nova (CEO Transcon)

Shuanghua Li (Founder Ring One)

Block 3
  Case studies about Market Introductions

14.00- 14.30

break and networking

14.30- 15.00

Understand the Chinese Consumer, what makes brands a   success?

Toby Hart (CEO Fish4Dogs)


Owen Cui (CEO Crazy dog)

Block 4
  M&A in the pet market

15.30- 16.00

break and networking

16.00- 16.45

Why is the pet market interesting for investors? How   to benefit from it?

Thorben Woeltjen (Director European M&A Oakland   Group)

16.45- 17.30

Bryan Jaffe (Capital USA M&A/Cascadias)


'Pet Retail Tour' (included with GlobalPETS Forum Asia ticket)

Explore the Shanghai pet market. Visit brick and mortar businesses who have successfully infiltrated the omni-market position in Asia. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore the Chinese pet market on the ground and lend yourself to the customer experience Chinese are accustomed to. Space is limited, and based on a first come first serve basis. Details of the tour:

Date: Nov 22nd, 2019

Time: 1pm

Visit 1: Bluebone (Gubei store)

Visit 2: 24h dog hospital

Visit 3: Pet Keeper (Kaixuan store)

Visit 4: Petin (Carrefour store)


Benefits of attending

Understand the fast changing global pet industry

Learn how major international pet retailers perceive trends

Get insights into how global sourcing is changing

Learn the tricks and tips of entering entering into the Asian market

Meet potential business partners from around the world

Full Access to the CIPS trade show & 1500+exhibitors

Network with industry leaders


Price: €545 (price valid until the end of September. From October 1st the price will be €595, excluding VAT)



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