First Biotope Aquarium Contest in China Launched by CIPS

Date: 2018-06-12 Compiler:


Over the past few years, we have quite often heard people talking about biotope aquaria in Europe and North America. Aqua lovers re-create their mini-ecosystems in their tanks. Biotope is an environment, formed by a complex of biotic and abiotic factors for a specific biocenosis, a community of living organisms, typical for a given region.

Biotope aquarium mimics the natural habitat of fishes, creating conditions that fishes feel so comfortable that they begin to show their best natural behavior. When setting up a biotope aquarium, the designers should combine natural conditions with aesthetics.

China has many unique water ecosystems. As the organizer of Asia’s major contests in the aqua field, we think it is time to introduce Biotope Aquaria to China and invite worldwide biotope lovers to join us. The goal of CIPS BIOTOPE AQUARIUM CONTEST (CBAC) is mainly to create a communication environment and a community of biotope lovers.

We are grateful our partner, ifish. As a media, they are very sensitive to the direction of aquaria and predictive in the next move. After several months’ discussion, conference calls and meetings, we are very happy to announce that CIPS 2018 will launch the first Biotope Contest, CBAC, start accepting worldwide entries.

CABC 2018 Schedule

Accepting entries: June 1st – August 1st

Evaluating entries: August 5th – 20th

Results: September 1st

Award Ceremony & Live Show: September 27th – 30th (CIPS 2018 Show Site)



Champion: RMB 10000 + Trophy+ Certificate

2nd Place:RMB 5000+ Trophy+ Certificate

3rd Place:RMB 3000+ Trophy+ Certificate

4th Place to 10th Place:RMB 1000+ Trophy+ Certificate

11th Place to 30th Pace:Certificate


Entry requirements:

  1. CBAC is open to worldwide applicants’ works within the past 12 months;
  2. No editing and modification of the photos are allowed. The picture resolution is 300 pixel or above. File is less than 10M , formatted as JPEG ;
  3. When submitting entries, please follow the instructions to upload pictures and related parameters;
  4. Each contestant can submit up to 3 entries of different themes;
  5. Only fresh water landscape works are accepted.
  6. Only the underwater part will be scored.