China Pavillion to Interzoo 2022(2)

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Booth No:10.0-125d

Tire Chew

#Product introduction:

【Great For Stuffing】: The haode Tires is even more enticing when the inside wall is stuffed with Snacks.

【Toy Design】: This toughest rubber tire shape is strategically designed for fun   games. Help the dog relieve anxiety, reduce boredom and barking

【Toy Sizing】: Have 3.5 inch and 5 inch available to meet different demand.

Our dog toys have passed countless times tested with Labrador, Golden Retriever, and many other aggressive chewers.

We have patent certificate in China and USA.


Sound ball dog chew 

#Product introduction:

【Funny Squeaky Toy】The squeaky dog toys have a built-in squeaking device that making fun noises when squeeze it.Also could put snacks instand of Squeaky for option.

【Perfect Size】A lot of size available:2 inch.2.5inch,3 inch,3.5inch,3.8inch,5 inch. for large or medium dogs, Our chew dog toys adopted a round shape design, its grooved surface is conveniently for the medium/large dogs to grab and bite it.

【Easy to Clean】The rubber ball is easy to clean after the dog chewed it. And it is suitable to clean the teeth.You can clean it with water or alcohol. Our natural rubber products will not be corroded by alcohol, please feel free to use it.

We have patent certificate in China and USA.


Qidong Huating Artware Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-214 

Pet Beds

#Product introduction:

Our pet bed is very novel and lovely, and is also perfect for home decoration.

With enclosed cave design, the pet bed is in line with cat's habits and pet safety and prevents cold air from entering, keeping the internal temperature firmly.

Made of high quality filling and soft materials, the pet bed is elastic and easy for you to wash.

The bed is lightweight and easy to carry. Provides a super comfortable, warm and safe sleeping environment for your cat, giving your pet a sense of total security.


Dog Bed:

Premium materials, quality construction and smart design features will provide your pet with many years of comfort and support with excellent value for your money.

Water Repellency & Washable Cover: Water repellency design to protect the interior foam from the accident. when the pet bed is used for incontinent dogs, removable zipper cover with machine washable cover very easy to clean, providing a comfortable, fresh bed for your cute pet. Note: the bottom side area of the dog bed cover is not water repellency, please clean up in time if it gets wet.

Top is with quilting design, which is much more comfortable. Filled with foam that contours to your pup’s shape to provide orthopedic and joint support.


Shenzhen Kangchengtai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-123d

#Company introduction:

Shenzhen Kangchengtai Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 2004.

It's a national high-tech enterprise, owning an independent factory with 15,000sqm and nearly 500 employees. We’re focusing on automatic cat litter box, smart pet feeder, pet water fountain and other pet smart products R&D and production.

Automatic Cat Litter Box


Blue Whale Pet Water Fountain

#Product introduction:

Blue Whale Pet Water Fountain, designed from the whale, beautiful appearance favored by young people, affordable price. 2L large capacity water storage, which can meet the weekly drinking capacity of an adult cat. 


Suzhou Kudi Trade Co., Ltd.

Booth No.7A-538-1

Pet Hair Remover

#Product introduction:

VERSATILE - Keep your home free from loose lint and hair.  This Kudi lint roller for pet hair removal works like a charm on furniture, upholstery, blankets, and other items riddled with fur.

REUSABLE - If ripping off hundreds of lint roller sheets is a pet peeve of yours when cleaning, give our pet hair removal tool a go. It doesn't require sticky tape, so you can use it again and again.

CONVENIENT - No batteries or power source needed for this dog and cat hair remover. Just roll this lint remover tool back and forth to trap fur and lint into the receptacle.

EASY TO CLEAN - Upon picking up loose pet hair, simply press down on the release button to open and empty out the fur remover's waste compartment.


Rechargeable Electric Pet Fur Grooming Detangling comb

#Product introduction:

Electric Detangling: The easy way to detangle; The brush’s teeth rock back and forth while you brush to gently loosen knots and tangles from even the most unruly hair

Wet/Dry Use: Detangle anytime with wet or dry hair; Find whatever is most comfortable for you.

Gentle on the skin: The soft tip teeth protect the skin while preventing pulling or tugging of hair;

Cordless: Enjoy cordless convenience with this battery powered brush with USB charging

On/Off Switch: Easy operation

Battery life: 3 hours


Sino-HK Loffe (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-123e

Pet Space bag

#Product introduction:

Pet backpack adopts hardware shell as support, so that the pet has a stronger sense of space inside. The pet space bag with the following characteristics: porous design, breathable screen on both sides, transparent cover, adjustable belt, soft bottom cushion,durable lifting handle, with oxford cloth and PC material, multi-patterns, easy installation and disassembling. It can bear 8kg for a pet.


Cat Tree /Cat Climbing Frame

#Product introduction:

This cat climbing frame adopts the mobility design, taking teh amusement park scene as the theme, the three-layer jumping platform. It is with the following characteristics: multifunctional, dreamlike style, environmental protection material, firm and wear-resisting, fun and interesting, saving space.