2018 CIPS Innovation Award Judging Panel

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CIPS Innovation Award

The CIPS Innovation Award is aimed at companies who would like to highlight the innovative nature of their products and increase the exposure of their products to professionals in the international industry.


A maximum of ten entries will be allowed per category. The judges will select one CIPS Innovation Award winner per category. The international judging panel is composed of the following pet experts from around the world.

Pet Food:

说明: D:\CIPS 2018\创新奖\裁判\hans\Hans-J. Buengener.jpg

Hans-J. Buengener (Honorary Chairman of the Interzoo Organizing Committee)

Pet Accessories:

说明: D:\CIPS 2018\创新奖\裁判\日本会长资料\赤津功一氏.jpg

Kouichi Akatsu (President of Japan Pet Products Manufacturers Association)


说明: D:\CIPS 2018\创新奖\裁判\olver.jpg

Oliver Knott (AquaDesign & Consulting)

Small Animals:

说明: D:\CIPS 2018\创新奖\裁判\小宠.jpg

Pierre Kemseke (Founder and CEO of Ecoclavis)


说明: D:\CIPS 2018\创新奖\裁判\Carlo Dameno_Monica Ferrigno_\Carlo Dameno_Monica Ferrigno.JPG

Carlo Dameno and Monica Ferrigno (founders of Italian design studio Ildoppiosegno )


Judging Panel:

Bob Croucher-

Editor of Pet Industry News Editor in Chief, Australia

Corine van Winden –

CEO of PETS International CEO, Netherland

Chen Chen –

CEO of Ludu Pet Magazine Editor in Chief., China

Dr. Yves Lahiani Credentials-

Editor of Veterinary and Surgeon of Clinique Vétérinaire

Giuseppe Pierini, manager of Zoomark , Italy

Jacinthe Moreau-

President of World Pet Association and SuperZoo , USA

Suh Jung Ho –

Secretary General of Association of Korea Pet Product Export, South Korea

Takashi Harada –

Editor in Chief of Yaseisha Magazine, Japan

Yulia Dolzhenkova-

co-owner and joint chief editor of Zooinform, Russia


Benefits of winning:

  1. All category winners will be announced at the CIPS Night (Sep.26, 2018)

  2. CIPS Innovation Award winner will be awarded a 9sqm display area in CIPS (either a 9sqm shell scheme booth or offset 9sqm within a raw space booth).

  3. The winners will be granted with international exposure free of charge in all of the major International pet shows.

  4. Award-winning products will be included in the CIPS Innovation Award Yearbook.

  5. The right to use the special ‘CIPS Innovation Product 2018’ label for marketing purposes.



Please hand in application form along with product picture to zhanghj@chgie.com or content@pets.nl


Application form download



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