Pet shops in China & Japan

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Pet shops in China

In general, there are two kind of pet shops in China, one is street shops in the community, and the other is shopping mall. The size of street shops varies fromdozens of square meters to around 300of square meters. 70%-80% of the area is to display pet supplies, pet food and living pets, while the rest of 20%-30% is for grooming. Smaller pet shops don't usually space a place for living pets, usually only contains food and grooming area. There are many people in big cities like to own a pet, thus having a smaller pet shop in the community will bring great business. 


Pet shops in Japan

Pet shop in Japan is in open business model. To stroll around a big pet shop in Japan will take quite a while. Japanese people treat their pets as family members and they provide not only catering, housing and garments to their pets, but also treat their pets with humanity. Comparing to Japan, there is still a lot for China to learn.

There are not only pet supplies in a pet shop, but also plants. With years of development, pet shops sell all the living being. Plants are naturally included. It is common to see people taking ikebana course in a pet shop.


The main goal of any business is to gain profit, so does for pet shops. Pet shop has an over a hundred years of history in Japan. When it comes to this stage, there must be a way to maintain the substantial profit. And that mode gives credit to humanism.

Include all the pets in the market is one way to gain added value. Apart from regular pets like dogs and cats, pet shops also pool together birds, aquarium andreptile pets, etc. providing a variety of choices, it will enlarge the scale of pet owners, then achieve the profit goal.


Meanwhile, pet shops also display plants, since there are a large number of pet owners who like gardening. To contain those customers is to enlarge the market scale, result in profit.

Last but not least, pets shop in Japan is one-stop service. Everything a pet may need can be found in the store.


Thoughts after comparison

Japanese pet shops include both pet and plant. It requires different care to both creatures and to be honest, there is huge difference between pet and plant. High professionalism is the key.

As for the breeders, they have to provide expertise care to each breed and provide each breed different living environment as they require.

Plants and pets are locked in the same room, how to dispel the smell? And how to enhance aesthetic to be more appeal to the customers? And how to upgrade customer experience? Those are for pet shops owners to think.