What affect your choice on pets

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There are 1500 million pet dogs in China. Dog is the most popular pet in China. However, constellation, location, habits and gender all affects the choice of pets.

According to the research, there are 61.74% of people among all the pet owners in the city prefer dogs, while 19.13% have a tendency for cats, leaves 6.09% have a special affection on turtles.

Which province contains the largest number of pet owners? Guangzhou takes 10.62% of the total pet owners in the nation, followed by Jiangzhou with 10.40%. Zhejiang occupies 9.59%, Shanghai covers 9.08%, Beijing holds 7.66% and Shangdong takes 5.22%.

Among all the pet owners, the crowd age 25-30 is the mainstream, takes up to 37%, while people age beneath 25 takes 13%. The crowd age 31-35 occupies 24%, 18% is constituted by crowd age 36-45. People age over 45 takes the least, as in 8%.

Constellation influences the choice of pet too. Among dog owners, 13% of them are Sagittarius, 11% are Libra and 9% are Gemini. Among cat owners, 10% are Libra, 10% are Scorpio and 9% are Virgo. In this case, Libras seem to have a special affection towards pets. Virgos choose to own cats maybe because of their well-known trait – mysophobia.

And how much does a family spend on a pet? Family spends on RMB 1000-3000 on a pet annually takes up 32%. Family spends RMB 5000-10000 occupies 29%, family spends more than RMB 10000 takes 11%.