YIYI: 2.6 Billion Pieces of Pet Sheets Sold per Year, the First Shares in Pet-Hygiene Products are Ready to Take off

Date: 2021-05-14 Compiler:

Tianjin Yiyi Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. (YIYI, SZSE: 001206) formally lists its A shares on Shenzhen Stock Exchanges on 18 May 2021. As the first shares in pet-hygiene products on the A-share market and with 2.6 billion pieces of pet sheets sold per year, YIYI is faced with a blue ocean in pet economy, which is worth one trillion Chinese Yuan, and is ready to take off!

Successful entry into the “billionaire club” with record revenue and net profits

After many years in business, YIYI has recently achieved outstanding results, with the turnover formally exceeded one billion yuan in 2019. The Company recorded a revenue of 903 million, 1.028 billion and 1.241 billion yuan between 2018 and 2020 and a compound annual-growth rate as high as 17.2%. The net income attributable to parent company even rose from 35.3982 million yuan to 194.4623 million yuan, with a compound annual-growth rate as high as 134.38%; the remarkable results foreground the exceptional profitability of the Company. Tianjin Gaojie Hygiene Products Co., Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, has introduced complementary facilities for the production of nonwoven fabric into the industry chain of the Company, which ensure the quality of the raw materials and the final products while keeping the costs down. Faced with the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of the nonwoven fabric of the Company still managed to generate a revenue of 110 million yuan in 2020, which further encouraged the leapfrog development of the Company. Meanwhile, the speed with which the personal-care and personal-hygiene products of the Company expands is equally remarkable. The main business areas of YIYI are advancing side by side in recent years, further elevating the Company’s market status. It will not be long before the Company becomes an industry leader.

Leader in pet-hygiene products with exceptional core competitiveness

The pet industry in China has entered a period of high-speed growth, and as the country’s leading and major provider of general pet-care and pet-hygiene products, YIYI will stand out like a dark horse on the track of the pet industry with its core competitiveness.

YIYI remains committed to the development ideal of quality first in its pursuit for outstanding product quality. The Company has built a quality-control system that covers the entire industrial process, including procurement, production, storage and shipment. It has also established a stringent supplier-evaluation system and works with well-known suppliers from home and abroad, as it controls the quality of raw materials right at the source. Meanwhile, the ratio of different raw materials in each product unit is strictly controlled according to different product requirements. The Company also constantly optimises the technology and improves product performance. Products must undergo rigorous quality tests after production, which is fully monitored at every stage to ensure quality.

As the pioneer in the pet-care and pet-hygiene industry in China, YIYI has taken the lead to build the complementary industrial facilities for mass production. Capitalising on its extensive industrial experience and professional product-research and -development capacities, the Company has created different useful pet-care and pet -hygiene products with features such as fixed-Velcro straps and anti-slipping as well as potty-training spray. It is also the first to build a comprehensive product system that fully satisfies the diverse customer demands for product customisation.

Efficient, quality and large-scale product supply along with industrial-production capacity has helped the Company quickly enter the global consumer market. To date, the Company’s market covers dozens of countries and regions, including the U.S, Japan, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil and Thailand. The Company has also established steady collaborative relationships with major international retail chains, specialised pet-product chains and online pet-product platforms, such as PetSmart, Walmart, Amazon, Chewy and Japell, Ito, AEON and Yamazen from Japan.

Seizing the listing opportunity and ushering in the explosive development of the pet economy

Pet economy has boomed in recent years and pet-related consumption has become an indispensible component of economies around the world; the age of the explosive development of the pet economy has arrived. Doubtlessly, enormous business opportunities await in the market of pet-care and pet-hygiene product consumption. The Company produced 2.635 billion pieces of pet sheets in 2020, and the capacity utilisation has reached 99.1%. Although the Company is already operating at full capacity, it is still unable to satisfy the growing market demand.

With the listing as the starting point and as the investment project slowly reaches the target, the supply capacity of the Company on the market of pet-care and pet-hygiene products will be fully unleashed. The Company’s business will continue to grow and its future valuation may rise significantly.

YIYI has now formally crossed the threshold into the A-share market. The corporate vision of being the front-runner in the pet-care and pet-hygiene product industry may soon become reality.