Consumption structure expenditure comparison of dog and cat in China of 2020.

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Dog food consumption (dry food, snack and supplement) occupies 54.8% of the total consumption market. The fastest growing section is pet medical expenses which takes 6.1% of the total. Cat food consumption (dry food, snack and supplement) takes up 57.2% of the total consumption. 37.2% were spent on dry food, which is 4.0% lower than 2019. Cat medical expense occupies 25.3%, 6.1% higher than 2019. Annual consumption of a single pet in 2020 reached RMB 5172, 7% lowered than 2019. 

Attributes of the Pet Crowd

From the perspective of urban distribution, the proportion of pet owners in second-tier cities has increased significantly, increasing by 15% from 2019, surpassing first-tier cities and becoming the city with the highest proportion of pet owners in 2020.

First-tier city: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Second-tier city: Provincial capital cities and new first-tier cities