Trend in China pet market

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CIPS, as the sole B-2-B pet show in Asia, has observed the changes and innovations in China 2020 as follows:

New product with non-traditional source of raw materials

As we know, fish, beef, chicken, sheep and rabbit are the traditional protein source for pet food, yet crocodile, pigeon and horse meat have emerged into the Chinese pet food market. 

Cattaro launched freeze-dried raw bone meat and wet food with pigeon as main protein source, which is the first pet food brand in China using pigeon as the main raw material. 

Foodie Pet launched new products of horse meat pie and horse meat cubes using raw material from Inner Mongolia. 

In addition, Wangwang-Chocolate ,a chocolate company with 16 years , launched pet chocolate product in the market. The product doesn’t contain theobromine, which can be snack for both pet and their owners. 

Functional drinks for pet

More companies focus on pet beverage in 2020, for example, pet goat milk and pet milk tea. Pet goat milk from SMILE with enriched selenium to prevent aging and tissue sclerosis that caused by oxidation. Different from other skimmed pet goat milk, pet milk tea is made of skimmed goat milk and meat extracts mixed with various fruits and vegetables. Another newly launched pet drink is made of water, chicken and fish extracts with added taurine and astragalus that looks like pet dairy, but with extra health benefits for pets.

Herbal added extracts 

Several brands launched pet food with added herbal extracts, giving the products functional effects. Weight Right has added a combination of natural plant extracts to maintain urinary and intestinal health. Some other brands have added astragalus and plantain extracts to stimulate pet health, while Liangbei has added probiotic as well as herbal extracts in order to maintain fur and kidney condition. Peidi’s Chewnergy contains honeysuckle, mint, houttuynia cordata and dandelion that could alleviate gingiva swell and pain, fresh mouth, relieve inflammation and itching. The formula helps to reduce symptoms of swollen and achy gingiva of teething puppy dogs, so that dogs loving biting will no longer make a mess at home.  

Innovative packaging combining Chinese traditional style and culture

Many Chinese brands have designed their own IP image in Chinese traditional style, some have selected cartoon for the packaging and make Christmas season special edition. Cattaro have come up with bubble tea cup shape container for cat grass, in which seed and soil are included. Let it grow for 2-5 days then it is ready to feed. 

More imported products in Chinese market

Natural Balance, Simple Food, First Mate, Tasti Dinner, Taffy’s and many other international brands have entered the Chinese market, that provides more options for the pet parents. 

Brands sponsor TV shows

Red Dog had exclusively sponsored the first Chinese veterinary documentary while My Foodie had sponsored the first pet and celebrity interaction reality show. More brands seek chance for exposure on wider media platform as the number of pet growing rapidly. 

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