During the epidemic, how to open a store that exceeded 100% growth rate?

Date: 2020-04-14 Compiler:

The epidemic at the beginning of the year brought a huge blow to pet stores, slowing down live transactions, reducing logistics efficiency, blocking production resumption, and closing stores for business. At the same time, online pet consumption has entered high-speed development period. It is reported that the overall growth of JD pets during the epidemic exceeded 100% year-on-year.

According to the "2019 White Paper on China's Pet Industry", China's urban pet (dog and cat) consumer market reached 202.4 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 18.5% over 2018. The booming pet economy also promoted the rapid development of JD pets increase.

Mr. Liu Heyang, Senior Manager of JD Pet Operations Management Department, said that JD Pet has always paid attention to win-win cooperation and has always set out in line with this goal. The current forms of cooperation include self-support, POP, B2B innovation channels, global purchases, etc. Each model has different forms of cooperation and profit models.

1. Self-operated, POP, and global purchase modes: It can help businesses reach JD.com ’s pet user groups, quickly establish increments, expand their turnover, and increase brand and store visibility.

2. B2B innovation model: It can help merchants supplement their own product lines, provide merchants with the ability to promote supply chains, promotion tools, methods, etc., to achieve the expansion of their innovation models.

Mr. Liu Heyang said that JD.com ’s self-operated and global purchases are affected by warehousing capacity, and the recruitment method is by invitation. JD.com will recruit self-operated brands based on the brand's market performance and POP store performance, and self-operated settlements is free of charge.

Many people believe that "flow is money" is essential to the survival of a store. So, how can a store get traffic support from JD pets?

In this regard, Mr. Liu said that traffic is a process of continuous operation and accumulation. In the past, everyone did not know enough about JD pets, and there was a misunderstanding that the flow of traffic was required to achieve the survival of the store.

In fact, at present, JD Pet has a complete flow operation teaching system. The learning platform provides various lecturers and various courses, which can help merchants quickly understand the platform's flow operation.

Secondly, based on fairness, traffic basically comes from system resources such as search, store pages, product pages, order centers, etc. As long as the operation is serious, the traffic will continue to increase.

Thirdly, JD.com also has a paid CPD advertising position, which can help brands to achieve short-term traffic increase. It is suitable for brands with strong branding and short-term exposure needs.

In general, JD pets are perfect enough, as long as you work hard, you will gain.

During this special period, relying on the advantages of digital supply chain and marketing resources, JD Supermarket coordinated the delivery of manufacturers and assisted the door-to-door pickup in areas that could not be delivered. During the epidemic, the overall growth of pets exceeded 100% year-on-year, and various categories have increased to varying degrees. Among them, pet food and supplies categories have the fastest growth.