CIPS Global Grooming Conference(CGGC) 2019

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CIPS Global Grooming Conference(CGGC)

When and where

Date: November 20-23, 2019

Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

The Origin

China International Pet Show (CIPS) is a B2B trade platform hosted by Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.(CHGIE), With 23 years of development,CIPS has become the largest pet and aquarium supplies show in Asia-Pacific region. 

Since 2018, CIPS has joined forces with more than 20 pet grooming industry organizations and institutions around the world to launch the CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC). In 2019, the first CGGC will kick off in Shanghai and create a world-class pet grooming industry comprehensive event featuring “competition – lectures – show – exhibition – rating”.

The Vision

Establish a more international, more diverse, more open and fairer display and communication platform for the global pet grooming industry.


v  The opening ceremony of CGGC

The opening of the conference, and awards for outstanding global industry figures, relying on the international influence of CIPS and the major co-sponsors, set an industry benchmark and lead the industry trend.

v  CIPS Gold Finger Grooming Contest

    Create a unique tour system, accumulate scores in the CIPS sub-show "Chinese Pet Culture Festival", and finally win the qualification to participate in the annual CGGC competition, and compete for the annual championship through competition.

Through the series of events, select and build the National Dream Team representing China's strength and participate in the world-wide pet grooming competition

v  CGGC Master Show

Invite the top domestic and foreign masters to demonstrate. This will bring more than just an unprecedented audio-visual feast, but also a wonderful exchange and collision in the pet grooming field.

v  Grooming Stylist Red Carpet Show

Invite 40 masters to perform live interactions and exchanges. There are also eye-catching instructors with cute pets to walk the show!

v  Art & Creative Hall

The beautiful exhibition, the artistic refinement and emotional expression of the beautiful works. It contains various art forms such as sculptures, paintings, and simulations. It is a masterpiece of the core of the grooming spirit.

v  International Masters Lecture Hall   

The top grooming masters from domestic and abroad bring you high-level grooming knowledge, and at the same time, senior practitioners share their experiences and bring you a triple baptism of thought, knowledge and soul. Stick to it, the next master is you!

More events will be unveiled later...

Commercial Cooperation

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