2021 CIPS New Product Showcase

Date: 2021-06-15 View: 149 Compiler:

CIPS New Product Showcase aims to display the latest products of pet and aquarium industry. With intense pre-show promotion, your product will be in the spotlight. Cooperate with KOL to produce unpackaging videos of the new products. During the show, KOL will have livestream to introduce products on social media platforms. Combined with online and offline promotion, The CIPS New Products Showcase will become the highlight of the show, attracting buyers and consumers to check-in and place orders.

exhibition, the expert will be invited to conduct an experiential live broadcast of the area. The offline display and online fission are combined, and the new product display area will become an online celebrity check-in point for the exhibition. Attracting many buyers and consumers to punch cards and place orders.

Products will be displayed on a 2500px long showcase. Each show space is based on the products size. 

Price: 3000 RMB. The price of extra electricity is 500 yuan (1000 watts or less).


Contact: Ms. Alicia Liu

Email: liuyl@chgie.com

Tel: +86-10-88102641