CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC) 2021

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The 3rd CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC’21)

Nov. 17-20, Shanghai

About CGGC

CGGC is a global professional platform created for pet groomers all over the world. The organizers, working together with a dozen world organizations, 200 plus grooming training schools in China, 100 plus vocational colleges, and nearly 100,000 pet groomers in China, aim at building up an international, diversified and open community to learn, grow and communicate with each other, through competitions, conferences, lectures, and shows.


Grooming Committee of China Pet Industry Association

China International Pet Show (CIPS)

2021 CGGC Activities

1. CGGC Master Show

For groomers and those to be, the CGGC Master Show offers a great opportunity to witness and learn from 20 top groomers in China to compete with their outstanding techniques and astonishing styles.

2. The 3rd Golden Finger Grooming Contest

This is the only grooming contest in China designed for those groomers working in pet stores. Candidates will compete on trio contests of standard, practical and creative designs. The contest improves their skills and creates better career opportunities for them.

3. China Pet Grooming Award Ceremony

The ceremony honor those who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of pet grooming in the year 2021.

The winners of CGGC contests, both in the Master Show and the Golden Finger Contest will team up and participate in international competitions, representing China.


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