Deadline:Aug. 25, 2024.

Please remember the following information:

According to the visa policy requirements, additional information is needed to complete the visa application.

The application process takes up to 10 working days for an Invitation Letter(TE) and 5 working days for an Invitation Letter(PU) to complete. It is recommended to apply for the invitation and visa as early as possible.To proceed,

please click here to log in and follow the instructions below:

   1. Select China International Pet Show, then click on "Visa".

   2. Fill out the form and upload the front page of your passport.

   3. The Visa Invitation Letter can be downloaded from the registration system. 

       Please log back into your account and download it.

*Please ensure that each person registers only one phone number and one email address.


For further information, please contact licai@chgie or