“Great Wall Cup”, A New Mark for Living Animal Event

Date: 2016-11-17 Compiler:

During CIP’16, the first “Great Wall Cup” Global Ornamental Fish Championship was initiated, which set a new mark for aquarium living animal event, in terms of quantity, quality, the control of technical team to water quality, material guarantee provided by appliance manufacturers, first time 10 events being staged simultaneously on-site in China, and even in the world.

100 Arowana joining Arowana Competition: 4 groups established, i. e., Golden Head Arowana Group, Golden Back Arowana Group, Red Arowana Group, Unique Arowana Group, 50 Arowana in 30 aquariums displayed.

Rays in 80 aquariums: Judges and fish lovers said that the quantity and quality of rays surprised them greatly.

Color Koi: It is a new breed cultivated by Chinese people, suitable for keeping in the aquarium.There are two ways of competition, i. e., judges’ grading and audience’s vote.

Discus: 120 fish in 10 Groups

Flower Horn: in 72 aquariums

Crystal Shrimp: 330 groups, including those selected by China, 237; by Taiwan, 67; by Korea, 16; by Japan, 10.

Guppy: 330, selected from China 212; Germany 40; Taiwan 38; France 10; Poland 10; Malaysia 10; Singapore 10.

Betta: 526, selected from Thailand 160; China 126, Philippine 100; Malaysia 70; Indonesia 50; Taiwan 20.


“Great Wall Cup” Aquarium Scenery-building Competition drew the attention of a large number of aquarium lovers.

Chinese native ornamental fish and cultural artworks were displayed to promote the protection of original fish and raise the awareness of fish market development.

LongDear platform conducted live broadcast for the whole process. The number of on-line audience reached 100,000.