New Products Show: Pets and Beauties

Date: 2014-12-08 Compiler:

With the opening of CIPS, the New Products Show was finally come to the stage. The show is fully demonstrated the company profile and the products highlights of Wanpy, Spectrum Brands, CATIDEA, FAVOUR and MINGHENG AQUARIUM PRODUCTS. 

The hostess announced the opening of the show.

Dr. Hao from Wanpy

Spectrum Brands demonstrated the pet products brands of 8 in 1 and Furminator.

CATIDEA, the top brands for cats.

FAVOUR business aims to be the top one distributor in pet industry, showing more than 60 brands. 

MINGHENG AQUARIUM showed the creative products to combine the life with entertainment.

Besides the show on the stage, models showed the products on the booths.

The show will continue… see you on CIPS 2015 in Shanghai NECC in November.