The first CIPS World Famous Cat Tour will be held during the 28th CIPS!

Date: 2024-07-09 Compiler:

The "CIPS World Famous Cat Tour" is initiated and conducted by the CIPS in conjunction with GPGA Guangdong Pet Grooming Association and IGC Companion Cat Management Division (referred to as IGC Companion Cat Club), aiming to provide a platform for communication and competition among Chinese purebred cat breeders regarding breeding standards and aesthetic expression of breeding results.

The CIPS World Famous Cat Tour follows international scientific professional purebred cat breeding management systems and comprehensive breeding philosophies, adhering to international purebred cat standards, promoting and advocating for the superior breeding of purebred cats, reducing unregulated breeding, ensuring the genetic health and stable personality of the Chinese purebred cat population. It combines the current development of Chinese purebred cats to create a diverse, comprehensive competition and international cultural exchange activities encompassing breeding, behavior, and care services.

Utilizing international competition systems and two competition modes of professional assessment and circuit competitions, after joint review by multiple domestic and foreign judges, champions will be selected through successive rounds of competition.