The 2nd 「GREEN PAW PRINTS LOVE FOR EARTH」CIPS theme event on Sustainable Development,Online registration is open!

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After 27 years of development, China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become a wind vane for industry development, a platform for the release of the latest products, a professional venue for trade transactions, and an internationalized communication platform for industry players.

CIPS is one of the most influential supply chain docking platforms in the international pet industry, gathering the world's main manufacturers in the pet aquarium industry to build an international marketing platform with the exhibition as the base. CIPS attracts industry players from more than 120 countries around the world to come to trade talks, find new products and new selling points, and learn about industry information and dynamics.

The 28th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2024) will be held on September 10-13, 2024 in China lmport and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.

Focus on Sustainability


The 27th China International Pet Show (CIPS2023) is launching the “GREEN PAW PRINTS  LOVE FOR EARTH” sustainability theme for the first time. It encourages exhibitors practicing green and sustainable development to fully realize communication and interaction among the industry through CIPS, showcases new opportunities for sustainable development, widely conveys cutting-edge concepts, and injects new impetus for the development of the industry.

October 1, 2023 special sponsorship of the UK's authoritative pet awards - the 11th The PetQuip Awards Pet Industry Awards Green and Organic Awards, fully demonstrating the international industry attention.

The 27th CIPS was held on December 7, 2023, and the first “GREEN PAW PRINTS  LOVE FOR EARTH” sustainable campaign presented awards to the “Green Pioneer” companies at the exhibition site and set up logos for the award-winning products in their booths.


As the concept of sustainable development spreads globally, sustainable actions in various industries have shown a momentum of breaking through, triggering wider social attention and creating a deeper impact.

The 2nd “GREEN PAW PRINTS  LOVE FOR EARTH” sustainability theme event will be presented as an important part of the 28th China International Pet Show (CIPS2024), from the birth of the first “Green Pioneer” to the joining of more “Green Pioneers”, setting a model for industry action and setting off a new trend of sustainable development. From the birth of the first “Green Pioneer” to the joining of more “Green Pioneers”, it will set up a model for the industry to take action, set off a sustainable trend, and leave more green palm prints in the new chapter of Pets for the Planet.

Activity Benefits

Only basic information is required to be submitted:

  1. Pre-show exposure

  2. Column publicity in printed publications during the exhibition period

  3. Exclusive booth signage

  4. On-site activity area display

  5. Product information reaching tens of thousands of domestic and international buyers

Sustainable Product Determination Criteria

There is no restriction on the type of pet products displayed at the event. Exhibits should be clearly labeled with the product's eco-certification as well as proof of certification from industry organizations.

If you are participating in a corporate or commercial program, please describe sustainability-related initiatives, such as whether you.

● Use sustainable materials in the production process

● Optimize your supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

● Rely on renewable energy to power your facilities

● Consider resource efficiency, emissions reduction, recycling, and social responsibility in product design, production, use, and disposal processes

(Activity period: from now until July 31, 2024)