CIPS Innovation Award、NEWⁿ Registration for the New Products Showcase is now open!

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After 27 years of development, China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become a wind vane for industry development, a platform for the release of the latest products, a professional venue for trade transactions, and an international exchange platform for industry players.


CIPS is one of the most influential supply chain docking platforms in the international pet industry, gathering the world's main manufacturers in the pet aquarium industry to build an international marketing platform with the exhibition as the base. CIPS attracts industry players from more than 120 countries around the world to come to trade talks, find new products and new selling points, and learn about industry information and dynamics.


The 28th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2024) will be held on 10-13 September 2024 in Guangzhou - China lmport and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.


In order to maximise the visibility of brands and enterprises, and to better showcase their products, the registration channel for CIPS Innovation Award and NEWⁿ New Products Showcase is now open simultaneously!


In order to reflect the professionalism of the exhibition, the CIPS Innovation Award will only be awarded to products that are new on or after 1 July 2023. The New Product Showcase will only be open to products that are new on or after 1 January 2024. The products will be reported and exposed many times before the exhibition, and CIPS core VIP buyers at home and abroad will be aware of the products; after the exhibition, the award certificates will be issued and tracked, and the award information will reach tens of thousands of overseas buyers.


CIPS Innovation Award

Igniting innovation in the pet industry!


The CIPS Innovation Award will set a new standard for the industry, help companies improve their brand image, and inspire more companies to follow the path of innovation and development to form new competitive advantages, fully demonstrating the new face of the pet industry.

2024 CIPS Innovation Award Registration

Registration is now open!

Join us on the highway of innovation and development!

Product Classification

Food: Dogs, Cats, Small Pets, Reptiles, Others (excluding aquatic animals)


Supplies & Equipment: Feeding Products, Hygiene Products, Clothing/Toys, Houses/Cages, Training Products, Grooming Products, Intelligent Products, Others (excluding aquatic animals)

Aquatics: Aquarium Feed, Water Conditioning Preparations, Aquarium Equipment, Technology Development, Captive Breeding


Design: Merchandise, Appearance, Packaging

Judging Principles and Entry Methods


Pet food products that are inherently innovative in terms of efficacy, formulation or feeding methods. New products that explore new ingredients and processes to expand the boundaries of pet snack ingredients.

Supplies & Equipment

The functionality of pet supplies and equipment is innovative and effective in helping pet owners to solve the problems encountered in the process of raising pets, so that pets can have the best state of life and improve the experience of human-pet interaction.


The innovativeness in the function of aquarium products effectively improves the quality of life of aquatic animals and improves the living environment of aquatic animals.


On pet smart products, they are innovative in terms of appearance or materials, and achieve a certain technological aesthetic as well as scenario-based design, thus improving the user's experience.



Now - July 20

Exhibitor Registration

July 22nd - August 16th

Voting Judging

September 10-13 

Show Report



2024 CIPS Innovation Award-winning products will be unlocked:

1. The CIPS Innovation Award trophy will be awarded;

2. Free display in the new product exhibition area of CIPS

3. The organizer will deeply explore and publicize the value of the participating new products, with all-round media exposure and publicity both at home and abroad, so that the global industry players can understand the new products of the enterprises at the first time; at the same time, Global PETS will also carry out media publicity for the award-winning products;

4. You can get the right to use the publicity terminology of the winning products of the CIPS Innovation Award 2024.


If you think your product is high quality and innovative, don't hesitate to scan the QR code above to register for the CIPS  Innovation Award

Enrollment Period:

Now through August 16, 2024

Enrollment Method:

Scan the QR code for enrollment below, fill in the information, and the account manager will further contact you after review and approval

Registration Fee:

CIPS2024 exhibitors only, RMB 3,000 per display space, additional electricity consumption: RMB 500 (under 1,000 watts).

Note: No live exhibits will be accepted. Security guards and monitoring facilities will be arranged to guard the exhibition halls, but the organizer and the exhibition halls will not be responsible for any loss of exhibits.