The 27th China International Pet Show (CIPS) was Successfully Held in Shanghai

Date: 2024-01-09 Compiler:

The 27th China International Pet Show (CIPS) was successfully held in Shanghai during December 7-10. As a global trade exchange platform and one of the most influential supply chain trade platforms in the international pet industry, the CIPS has gathered the main manufacturers and brands of the world's pet and aquarium industry. This exhibition has nearly a thousand domestic and foreign enterprises participated in the exhibition, focusing on the release of star products of enterprises this year, attracting people from more than 120 countries and regions around the world to negotiate trade cooperation, find new products and new selling points, and grasp industry information and dynamics.

Innovation Endures

This year's exhibition breaks the regular new products display mode and launches a new event with the theme of NEWⁿ, New and Boundless. Exhibitors with their new products could get a unified logo at their booths. This display format makes it easier for potential buyers interested in new products to directly communicate and negotiate with exhibitors. 

Leading the trend development of the pet industry, the Green Paw Prints, Love for Earth sustainable development initiative is introduced to encourage exhibitors to practice green and sustainable development. Through the China International Pet Show (CIPS 2023), exhibitors can fully engage in industry exchanges, showcase new opportunities for sustainable development, widely promote cutting-edge concepts, and inject new impetus into industry development. 


Industry Focus

The global pet e-commerce forum themed Adapting to Trends, Empowering Diversely  invites platforms like TikTok, Amazon, Taobao, Douyin, Little Red Book, Video Channels and other platforms to focus on the ecosystem of the global pet industry. This forum encompasses the current status of the international pet economy, social media interaction, brand experience creation, new channel promotion, as well as addressing challenges in cross-border trade, cultural integration, and leveraging local market advantages.

The 5th CGGC CIPS Global Grooming Conference focuses on international cutting-edge technologies and trends, promoting the forefront of pet grooming and fostering international exchanges. Besides emphasizing pet welfare and service diversity, it also creates new employment opportunities for society. Specifically addressing the shortage of Chinese terrier groomers, it provides them with learning and networking opportunities.

The Infinite Renewal, Collaborative Success -- Aquatic and Small Pet Analysis by JD Supermarket not only shares online consumption trends and user insights, but also brings more professional explanations of support policies for merchants. The aquarium and small pet industry is experiencing rapid growth, presenting vast future prospects. With advancements in technology, e-commerce, and the influence of social media, this industry is expected to continue expanding, and JD will offer more market opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Striving Forward

As the leading pet and aquarium exhibition in China, the Great Wall Pet Exhibition is widely recognized as a world-class aquatic feast with a wide variety, large scale, high quality, strict competition system, popularity and high bonus, creating a globally renowned event in the aquarium industry.

CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship launches four small fish and shrimp international competitions, Betta fish, Guppy, Ornamental Shrimp, and Pleco.The 2023 CIPS Global Goldfish Championship showcases the beauty of the national fish on site. 

The Green Garden  Paludarium Landscape Art Competition, jointly organized by CIPS and Foshan (Beijing) Water World Aquarium Supplies Co., Ltd., creates a relaxing space for busy individuals, crafting aquatic and terrestrial landscapes as a place for relaxation and healing. Simultaneously, the "Great Wall Cup" 2024 International Aquatic Plant Landscape Design Competition and the International Ocean Landscape Competition launch event and forum are also drawing considerable attention.

For 26 years, the Great Wall Pet Exhibition (CIPS) has been dedicated to providing global resources and support for pet and aquarium businesses. Using the exhibition as a cornerstone, it enhances brand characteristics and creates a B-to-B specialized promotional platform focused on international trade and exchanges.