The 27th China International Pet Show (CIPS) has grandly opened.

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The 27th China International Pet Show(CIPS), hosted by China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,also known as the Great Wall Pet Exhibition, will kick off on December 7, 2023, at the NationalExhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.


As a global trade and international pet industry's most influential supply chain docking platform, the Great Wall Pet Exhibition brings together leading manufacturers and brands in the world's pet and aquarium industry. This edition of the exhibition will have nearly a thousand domestic and foreign companies participating, focusing on releasing the companies' star products of the year. It has attracted industry professionals from over 120 countries and regions to negotiate trade cooperation, seek new product selling points, and understand industry information and trends. Among them are traditional giants in the global pet market, buyers from Europe and America, emerging purchasing forces from Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, as well as high-end buyers and e-commerce groups from the rapidly developing and prosperous domestic market.

1.Innovation Endures

In 2017, the world's first award for innovation in the pet and aquarium industry, the "Great Wall Cup Innovation Award," was jointly established by the Great Wall Pet Exhibition and PETS International. It aims to encourage pet industry

manufacturers to produce more innovative products and guide the industry's healthy development.


This year's exhibition breaks the traditional mode of new product display, and introduces a new product event with the theme“NEWⁿ opportunities have arrived, with limitless possibilities.” , eliminating the separate new product display area. A large number of new products launched after July 1, 23 years ago were collected before the exhibition, and exhibitors will present their new products with a unified logo at their booths. This display format makes it easier for potential buyers interested in new products to directly communicate and negotiate with exhibitors. The combination of online voting and on-site invitation voting will continue to generate excitement for the exhibition, culminating in the "Popular New Product Award" after the exhibition, helping selected companies promote new products and expand their brands.

Leading the trend of the pet industry, the“GREEN PAW PRINTS,LOVE FOR EARTH”  sustainable development initiative is introduced to encourage exhibitors to practice green and sustainable development. Through the International Great Wall Pet Expo, exhibitors can fully engage in industry exchanges, showcase new opportunities for sustainable development, widely promote cutting-edge concepts, and inject new impetus into industry development. Visitors can participate in "imprinting" activities on-site to focus on green pioneers and gain a close understanding of sustainable development products.


2.Industry Focus

The global pet e-commerce forum with the theme "Seize the opportunity and empower across dimensions." invites platforms such as TikTok, Amazon, Taobao, Douyin, Little Red Book and video account to analyze the global pet industry ecosystem, understand the current development of the overseas pet economy, and discuss how to establish friendly interactions with users through social media, create unique brand experiences, and expand business boundaries quickly with new channels, ideas, and strategies. The forum aims to promote the cluster development of the Chinese pet industry, facilitate the ecological construction of the pet industry, and empower the development of the pet industry. It will also discuss how to address challenges in cross-border trade, cultural integration, and changing consumer demands. Additionally, the forum will explore how to leverage local market and cultural advantages to meet consumer needs, enhance brand loyalty, and contribute to the flourishing development of the pet ecosystem.


The 5th CGGC CIPS Global Grooming Conference will gather internationally renowned masters to showcase cutting-edge techniques and expertise, release the forefront trends and international fashions in pet grooming and care, and exchange ideas with the international pet beauty community. The conference not only cares about pet welfare and provides more service options for pet owners, but also creates new job opportunities and more market opportunities for society. Notably, to address the rapid growth in the number of Chinese terrier breeds and the scarcity of professional terrier groomers, the conference will specially invite internationally renowned terrier masters to demonstrate "Norwich" terrier grooming styles, providing a rare learning and exchange opportunity for Chinese groomers in addition to the existing pet grooming activities.


The "Renewal of all things, gathering strength for mutual success." Aquatic and Small Pet Special by JD Supermarket will not only share online consumption trends and user insights in the aquatic and small pet industry but also provide professional explanations of more support policies for merchants. The aquatic and small pet industry is in a rapidly developing stage with broad prospects for the future. With the advancement of technology, e-commerce, and the promotion of social media, the industry will continue to grow, and JD will provide more market opportunities for relevant enterprises and entrepreneurs.

3.Setting the trend

As the leading pet and aquarium exhibition in the country, the Great Wall Pet Exhibition is widely recognized as a world-class aquatic feast with a wide variety, large scale, high quality, strict competition, strong popularity, and high prize money, creating a globally renowned event in the aquarium industry.


The "Great Wall Cup" Global Small Ornamental Fish and Shrimp Championship introduces international competitions for small fish and shrimp including fighting fish, peacock fish, ornamental shrimp, and exotic fish.


The 2023 JD Global Goldfish Championship will showcase the beauty of the national fish on site. The Green Garden Second Ecological Landscape Art Competition, jointly organized by the Great Wall Pet Exhibition and Foshan (Beijing) Water Dance World Aquarium Supplies Co., Ltd., aims to create a leisurely paradise for people in fast-paced lives, crafting vibrant aquatic and terrestrial landscapes as well as micro-landscapes, serving as a soothing retreat. The highly anticipated "Great Wall Cup" 2024 International Aquatic Plant Landscape Design Competition, the International Ocean Landscape Competition, and the Forum on the Development and Practical Application of Aquarium Landscape Markets will also be unveiled during the event.


For 26 years, we have been tirelessly dedicated to providing rich resources and support for international trade in the pet and aquarium industry through the China International Pet Show (CIPS), deeply cultivating brand characteristics based on the exhibition, and consistently building a professional promotion platform focused on domestic and international trade and business exchanges.