Countdown to the opening: 10 days!

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Countdown to the opening: 10 days!The 27th China International Pet Show 

Will be held grandly at the National Exhibition  Center (Shanghai) from 

December 7th to 10thDon't miss the gathering in the Shanghai!

After 26 years of development, the China International Pet Show(CIPS) has become a benchmark for the industry's development, a platform for the release of new products, a professional venue for trade deals, and an international exchange platform for industry professionals.

CIPS is one of the most influential supply chain docking platforms in the international pet industry, gathering the main manufacturers of pet and aquarium products in the world. With over 1,000 companies, it showcases over 60,000 high-quality products and releases innovative products of the year, attracting industry professionals from over 120 countries to negotiate trades, find new product selling points, and understand industry information and trends.

 The 27th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2023) will be held from December 7th to 10th, 2023 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Gathering of Prominent Brands

One-stop connection with 1,000+ domestic and international exhibitors

Exquisite collection

Over 60,000 dazzling exhibits

The exhibition content covers not only all aspects of pets and aquariums, but also related products in the field of pet food raw materials and processing equipment.


"NEW" New Product Showcase: Unlike previous editions, the new product showcase will not have a designated area. Instead, exhibitors will present their new products at their booths with a unified identification, allowing interested buyers to communicate more clearly and directly with the exhibitors. The new product category will be limited to products launched in the second half of 2023 (products launched on or after July 1, 2023).


Green Initiative: This edition of the exhibition will introduce a sustainable development activity, encouraging exhibitors to promote green and sustainable practices and showcase new opportunities for sustainable development, injecting fresh momentum into the industry.


Simultaneous Events:

The upcoming global pet e-commerce forum will be held, inviting various pet product e-commerce clients to witness together. This forum will focus on the trends in the pet market environment, helping brands achieve maximum e-commerce profitability.

The 5th CIPS Global Pet Grooming Conference will feature world-class pet grooming competitions and activities, including the Great Wall Cup "Gold Finger Award" Global Pet Grooming Competition, online selection of top schools and instructors, Global Pet Grooming Master Show, and close-up sessions with top instructors.


The "Great Wall Cup" World Small Ornamental Fish and Shrimp Championship, known as the aircraft carrier of the small fish and shrimp world, will set a professional benchmark for live aquatic competitions. The 2023 "Great Wall Cup" World Goldfish Championship will also be waiting for the audience to appreciate the beauty of national fish and welcomes all goldfish enthusiasts to participate in the competition.


The second edition of the Green Garden themed Ecological Landscape Art Competition, jointly organized by the Great Wall Pet Expo and Foshan (Beijing) Water Dance World Aquarium Supplies Co., Ltd. Modern life's fast pace often leads people to seek their own small sanctuary for relaxation and healing. The micro desktop landscapes, composed of various ornaments and miniature plants, as well as water and land landscapes closely resembling nature, have become a popular choice for many.


Booth Map:

Plan your visit route in advance.

Transportation Route


Address: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)


1. [West Entrance] 1888 Zhuguang Road

(During the exhibition period, the exhibitor registration is located in the west hall)

Enter the hall through the west hall, near Hall 5.1, and near Exit 4, 5, 6 of Xujing East Station on Metro Line 2.

[Parking] If you are driving a small passenger car, you can enter the hall through the west hall. Vehicles can park in the P2 parking lot via Xumin Road, or in the P3 parking lot via Panzhong Road. Search for "CIIE P2 Parking Lot, CIIE P3 Parking Lot" on your navigation system. After parking, walk to the west hall (8th floor) via the pedestrian overpass on Zhuguang Road, and take the escalator to the ground floor (0th floor).

[Parking Fee] Free parking for up to 15 minutes; $20 for 15 minutes to 24 hours.


2. [South Entrance] 168 Yinggang East Road