Bravely Leading the Way, Exploring the "Blue" | Highlights of the 27th CIPS Aquarium Expo

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The aquaculture industry covers a wide range of activities, including the breeding, reproduction, fishing, research, production, and sale of aquatic animals, plants, and microorganisms. It involves multiple areas such as aquaculture, ornamental fish farming, and the manufacturing and research of aquarium equipment.

Although the history of ornamental fish farming in China is long, the industry has only received significant attention and development in the past decade. With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of aesthetic and health awareness, the aquaculture industry has a broad prospect for development. More and more enterprises and enthusiasts are joining in, making the aquaculture industry a "blue ocean industry" for the future.

The China International Pet Show (CIPS) has witnessed the rise and development of the aquaculture industry and is committed to gathering all forces to promote quality improvement and sales growth. The 27th China International Pet Show will take place from December 7th to 10th, 2023, featuring over 200 aquaculture exhibitors, various top-level aquaculture live events and landscaping competitions, as well as the JD Aquarium Pet Special Session, offering exciting content for you to explore and discover.


1Aquatic enterprises will gather at the exhibition, showcasing their new products. 

Some exhibitors and products include:

1. MEGA JUMBO Industrial Co., Ltd. will showcase the new product "Giant Scale Body Butterfly Carp Feeding".

   It helps the fins to grow and form a long fin body, presents a sparkling gloss, and assists in the absorption and reduction of waste discharge for the fish.

2. BIOZYM Microbial Technology Co., Ltd. will present the sustainable product "Little Flying Saucer Excrement Absorber" at this exhibition.

2The raw materials used are safe and environmentally friendly, and comply with China's national standard specific element migration testing.

Join us at the Great Wall Cup in 2023 JD Supermarket "Great Wall Cup" World Goldfish Championship, where you can admire the beauty of national fish and participate in our competition if you are a goldfish enthusiast. (Hidden Benefit: In addition to admiring the beauty of goldfish, you can also receive exquisite small gifts on-site, first come, first served).


The "Great Wall Cup" World Small Ornamental Fish and Shrimp Championship can be considered as the aircraft carrier of the small fish and shrimp world. It strictly selects breeds, invites judges and experts from around the world, and has a rigorous technical team, setting a professional benchmark for live aquatic events. The fighting fish event has been upgraded to the IBC Zone 3 Carnival, and the betta fish event has gathered the strongest teams in the Asia Cup. The 

Green Garden's Second Ecological Landscape Art Competition, jointly organized by the Great Wall Pet Exhibition and Foshan (Beijing) Water Dance World Aquarium Supplies Co., Ltd., will continue to offer exciting and practical events and knowledge for everyone. Wang Chao, Yang Yufan, Sun Jiahui, Fan Zemin, and Yang Ling will create and explain on-site, and 20 players from all over the country will create aquatic and terrestrial tanks on-site, finally selecting 4 winning players. (Hidden benefits: After the final on the 9th, there will be a micro-landscape on-site production activity, and the audience can join in and take away).

 Aquatic activity schedule:

3、JD Pet Aquarium,Special release

JD Supermarket:

"Everything Renewed, Gathering Strength for Win-Win" Special Small Pet Aquarium


Time: 10:00-11:30

Address: 6.1 Hall D-189


Meeting Agenda:

"JD Supermarket: Online Consumption Trends and User Insights for Small Pet Aquariums"

- Zhang Yulin, Head of JD Retail Pet Business Water Aquarium Exotics


"JD Pet Business Comprehensive Support Plan"

- Liu Zongguang, Head of JD Retail Hypermarket Business Department Pet Merchandising


The small pet aquarium industry is in a rapid development stage, with a very broad future outlook. The development of e-commerce has brought more sales channels for the small pet aquarium market. The person in charge of JD's small pet aquarium will share online consumption trends and user insights, including changes in the relationship between pets and owners, user and industry data insights, and industry development trends.

4、Aquatic Exhibition,Gathering of Prominent Brands