Brief to CIPS International Visitors

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National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Hall 5.1- 6.1


Travel Tips

1. Driving

West Entrance, near Hall 5.1--1888 Zhuguang Road

Parking Lot: P2 Parking Lot at the Xumin Road or P3 Parking Lot at the Panzhong Road. Search at the Navigation App of CIIE P2 Parking Lot/ CIIE P3 Parking Lot.

Route: After parking, go through the Zhuguang Road pedestrian overpass and then you’ll arrive at West Entrance. Go upstairs and you’ll find the Registration Center

Parking fee: Free within 15 minutes; 20 RMB for 15 minutes-24 hours.


South Entrance, near Hall 6.1-- 68 Yinggang East Road

Parking Lot: Search at the Navigation App of NECC Gate 18, drive through South Square and park at the underground parking lot.

Parking fee: 6 RMB/hour; 48 RMB maximum. 


【停 车】若您自驾小客车,需从西登录厅进馆,车辆可经徐民路停入P2停车场,或经蟠中路停入P3停车场,导航搜索“进博会P2停车场、进博会P3停车场”,停车后走诸光路人行天桥到达西登录厅(8米层),乘坐扶梯下行至地面(0米层)。



【停 车】若您自驾小客车,需从南登录厅进馆,车辆可经展馆18号门,导航搜索“国家会展中心(上海)18号门”,驶入南广场地下停车场,停车后乘坐电梯到达南广场地面,步行至南登录厅。



2. Taxi

Please tell the taxi driver to  

National Exhibition and Convention Center Western entrance (Zhuguang Road) or 

National Exhibition and Convention Center South entrance (Yinggang East Road)



3. Metro

Exit 4 or 5 or 6, , Line 2 at East Xujing Station.



1. You can get your badge with the passport (copy or original of passport front page photo), visit confirmation letter (or visa invitation letter), and business card at the registration desk.

2. If you haven’t registered before, you can also register on site through: , but it may take you some time.

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