CIPS Continues Its Online & Offline Channel in 2022

Date: 2022-05-23 Compiler:

(Beijing) The organizer of China International Pet Show (CIPS) announced that its 2022 show will open on Nov 17-20, at Guangzhou, and its online show will open at the same time (

On the consumer side, according to, e-commerce sales have increased 200% compared with last year. The whole pet industry is recovering and growing with the help of online tools. With the ever-changing impact of COVID-19, the organizer of each exhibition should be adaptable to ensure participants have a successful and safe experience. The online exhibition is a platform with both safety and effectiveness. The online exhibition platform uses real-time data analysis to analyze the portraits of buyers and sellers and the perspective of trade supply and demand, which can give users more accurate product recommendations. Now, with the maturity of e-commerce platforms, online exhibitions have more and more practical significance.

China pet industry suffered from the coronavirus epidemic but soon adjusted to make full use of online and e-commerce opportunities. CIPS is the first in the global pet exhibition that has started both online and offline exhibitions in 2020. Powered by the latest technology, CIPS Online Trade Show offers real time communication with suppliers via various messages, phone calls, and video calls, for those who cannot attend the show or those who would like to preview the products before walking the show. Exhibitors use online platforms, such as live broadcast rooms to show their enterprise and products to more customers and other companies.

In the CIPS 2021 online exhibition, more than 600 exhibitors from all over the world participated and provided more than 6,000 products, of which new products accounted for 35% and boutique products accounted for 45%. The buyers of the online exhibition came from 73 countries and regions, and the top 10 buyers were: China, Germany, Hong Kong (China), the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil. Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Russia are still active international markets, and the activity of buyers from Brazil, New Zealand, Ukraine, Mexico and Canada has increased significantly.

The pet industry in Asia is still developing. CIPS online trading platform directly purchases products, so that sellers can have the best channel for product selection. According to incomplete statistics, buyers of the CIPS in 2021 have made purchases of more than 265.2 billion yuan through a variety of trade platforms built by CIPS. CIPS demonstrates the unique status and attributes of trade fairs.


As the leading trade show in Asia, CIPS 2022 is expected to have 1000 plus exhibitors and over 80,000 buyers from over 100 countries participating either online or offline. CIPS stands out against the difficulties of the epidemic, providing a trade platform open to all professional in the industry, with products to touch, people to meet, and events to attend.



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