Innovative and New Products

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Pet Food

Kit Cat Complete Cuisine 150g

Kit Cat Complete Cuisine™ is created to provide your cats with a complete meal that is effortless and convenient. Each can contain fresh and natural ingredients that are 100% natural.


Lafettee brand dog and cat food adopts low-temperature baking process, ripening and granulating below 90 ℃, so as to maintain the freshness and nutritional integrity of food materials to the greatest extent. The low-temperature baking process pays time for higher quality, good palatability, and pets' favorite food is also healthier. Lafettee cat and dog food adopts the advanced wire drawing metal film bag making technology, which is very colorful when displayed in stores.

M90 is a wet cat food pate

It has the same recipe as frozen-raw food, but is cooked with our special technique to make it available for all cats. 97% animal origin ingredients of M90's dry matter contents make it perfectly fit the eating nature of carnivores. At the same time, M90 contain about 80% water, which could help your cat to be rehydrated while feeding. Our product is in a texture of infants supplementary meat paste and is made of human grade materials. In order to retain the most nutritional value, it is cooked in a low temperature. All of the meat materials that we use are fresh meat and bones, no meals added. Also, to provide natural and healthy pet food, our product is grain free, gelatine free, starch free, preservative free and artificial additives free. To make your feeding process more convenient and comfortable, M90 is designed to be a ready-to-eat cat food in the vacuum packaged pouch and could be stored in normal temperature. We also provide a specialized licking spoon with it to increase fun and your interaction with your cat while feeding. There are three formulas, Fish&Chicken, Lamb&Chicken and Duck&Chicken. Your cat will found the best fit.


Goat Milk with Meat

Goat's milk meat sauce, without adding a drop of water, 80% of the meat content, fresh chicken, high protein and easy to digest, providing sufficient energy protein, and rich in fat, vitamins and other nutrients. No additional drop of water is added during production, and the water is all Comes from goat milk and meat, allowing the full integration of milk and meat to bring more nutrition to the cat.

Fresh meat strips

A super cost-effective one! 8 kinds of flavors, this product is absolutely grain-free except for more than 80% pure fresh meat + more than 20% fresh fruits and vegetables! Absolutely no additives! Keep it original! Excellent palatability, universal for cats and dogs! 

Fries & Nuggets for Dogs

Simulated pet snacks for dogs - to fill the market where most human foods cannot be consumed dogs. Dogs are our best friends and their owners will regret that dogs cannot taste our human food. The main pain point that the product solves is that while humans are eating food that cannot feed to dogs, we can also use our products to feed dogs, so that dogs have no regrets.


Natural antioxidants

NPA-102 is an oil-soluble antioxidant formulated with ingredients including rosemary extract and vitamin E, which are natural, green and safe. The product can be used in a wide range of products, including pure fats, oils and fat-rich pet food and raw materials. The appropriate dosages are recommended for different raw materials accordingly. NPA-102 shows strong antioxidant activity that helps delay color deterioration and lipid oxidation, and ensure sensory quality as well as stable shelf life. With the appropriate dosage, NPA-102 is superior to synthetic antioxidants in terms of autoxidation performance. Therefore, it can replace traditional synthetic antioxidants.


S9 Aquarium Control System

The old fisherman S9 aquarium control system breaks through the traditional design. Built-in SIM card comes with network design, no need to connect to home network equipment, built-in lithium battery, after the fish tank is powered off, S9 can also send information to the user, promptly reminding, to avoid the fish tank system crash, the water quality deteriorated. Using voice, APP, touch screen three control methods, voice can control the switch of all equipment in the fish tank, making fish farming more convenient. The device comes with a temperature control probe to monitor the water temperature at all times. If the temperature is exceeded, the temperature will be cut off immediately, and the power will be cut off immediately if the temperature is exceeded.

Filter cleaner with qinghuaquan

The product breaks the traditional filtration method, using innovative materials developed independently to achieve the two functions of filtration and biochemical, replacing the filter cotton and biochemical materials in traditional filtration, achieving high precision filtration and high density reproduction of bacteria through process design, efficiently decomposing ammonia nitrogen, while matching the ultra-filtration water changer to promote the stable circulation of nitrogen compounds, making the fish healthier, the system also expands a lot of space at the bottom of the fish tank. The system also expands the space in the bottom of the fish tank and solves the problem of frequent cleaning and replacement of filtration materials, making fish farming more comfortable and the fish tank more beautiful.


Easy priming,fast startup,Built-in lheater compartment ,BioIogical,mechanical fiⅠtration Read more.


Polymer synthetic unbreakable glass cylinder, integrated molding, light transmittance as high as 89%, exquisite design and anti-smashing unbreakable quality, to ensure the safety of your life and your family. Read more. 后面这些不体现Different from the traditional glass-bonded fish tank (unbreakable), food-grade raw materials have been certified and tested by a number of international health standards, including the United States Health Foundation (NSF) certification, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, the European Union German New Food and Catering Products Act (LFGB) certification, ISO9001-2015 quality system certification.

Fish tank intelligent controller

It can remotely control all the equipment of the fish tank, or connect the camera, mobile phone for real-time monitoring, high and low temperature early warning of the fish tank, automatic power failure at high temperature, water change and fish feeding reminder, 10 jacks, high-power sockets, 6-way equipment, support 10 sections of automatic timing function, heating mode, refrigeration mode can be switched, and is compatible with seawater tank


Effect within 48 hours. Degrade organic poisons such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite

Liquid live bacteria. Build digestive system quickly. Extend the water change cycle. Read more.

DODOFLY’s new fishpond filtration system

Going beyond traditional technology, DODOFLY’s new fishpond filtration system provides you with access to a larger portfolio of easy fish-breeding methods. The novel modular fishpond filtration technology the system features narrows the space occupied by the system by 35% meanwhile making the construction of a fishpond easier. As such, the system is easy to maintain and clean. 1. With the rotary drum as a point of upgrade, the front physical filtration design makes it possible to filter 150μm or larger substances, and enables the system to be automatically maintained in the long term. 2. As a step to resolve problems of traditional porcelain bio-media like low bacteria-culturing performance and low durability, the rear biochemical part uses hydrophilic, organic, high-molecular, porous bio-media to grow bacteria. This enables the system to work for as long as a decade amid efficient water purification.


Bottle Plush Toy for Dogs

Combine plastic bottles and plush materials to provide dogs with an experience different from ordinary plush toys. Read more.


WAUDOG Re-cotton collar, leash and harnesses

WAUDOG Re-cotton accessories are made of recycled cotton. WAUDOG Re-cotton collars and harnesses are completed with smart QR code passports, which allows pet parents to create the pet’s profile in the international database. Read more. The person who finds a pet can scan the QR code with their smartphone and get the parent’s contacts. The parent instantly receives a notification about the GPS location of the pet.

CATLINK AI Water Fountain – Pure

CATLINK AI Water Fountain-PURE will monitor the drinking behaviors for cats.

1) Multi-cat recognition technology can generate health report of drink-ing for each cat.

2) Monitor cat drinking throughout the day, and provide timely warning when cat drinking is abnormal. 

3) Human drinking purifier technology, multiple filtration. Pregnant cat and cats with kidney diseases can drink directly.

4) Ceramic tray, say no to black chin of cats.

Pet Deodorant

1. Graft polymerization high-tech deodorant derived from Japanese patent technology can decompose the odor to odourless substances, after using this product it can keep the space clean and fresh. 

2. Remove the odor and anti-bacteria

3.It is can be widely used in various fields, such as home, pets, fabric, etc.

pet grooming scissors

A newly upgraded pet grooming scissors, the tooth processing method is completed by CNC manufacturing, 3D double-sided opening teeth, to achieve double-sided precision cutting. 

stainless steel pet comb

patent products, 304 stainless steel, more comfortable, better deseeding hair. 

Dogy poo

Pets like children. They join into our family. They need not only beauty, but also warmth and comfort.

Deshedding tools

Individually processed blades ensures precision and makes it easy to reach through topcoat to easily remove loose hair and undercoat. Innovative vertically blade structure with razor sharp "C" shaped edges ensure a smooth and thorough brushing while reducing shedding up to 99% and saving time more than 30% when used as directed. Perforated ejector features automatic return makes it easy to remove loose hair. Adjustable comb head offers improved usability in different conditions. Rounded blade tips ensure the comfort of pet while brushing. Super strong plastic side pieces and cover protect the comb and blades from damage when dropped.

Fuji Sakura Cat Deodorant Spray

Fuji Sakura Cat Deodorant Spray adopts a composite Nano-level silver ion formula, which can combine with the cell membrane of pathogenic bacteria and directly destroy its cell structure, deodorizing the root cause by physical sterilization. When the bacteria are dead and lysed, the silver ions are in a free state again and can come into contact with other bacteria again, which has a relatively long-lasting bactericidal effect. It can achieve 99.9% bactericidal and antibacterial effect (including FPV) to prevent repeated regeneration of odor.

It is colorless, odorless, mild and non-irritating, with no burden or harm to the human pet's respiratory tract. Compared with the traditional

deodorant spray, it has the advantages of strong sterilization, long-lasting, wide range and less irritation.

SOOOZ Connectable Rubber Dog Toy

Simple but useful design - easily clean and DIY connectable. Pet owners can buy this series and freely DIY connectable to their favorite style.

The simple design can reduce the possibility of dropping small parts, it is more safety. Read more. 

Activated charcoal pad

add bamboo carbon particle. Read more.


FURminator furminette pet grooming and care products, including pet grooming combs, beauty tools, bath and cleaning supplies. There are a full set of solutions for pet washing and grooming. Product quality has patent protection, and for pet care meticulous to classification.  According to different hair types and different skin problems, there are strong targeted solutions. Thoroughly changed pet beauty and care habits, improve the quality of life of people and pets. FURminator remove hair comb, can effectively reduce pet hair loss by more than 90%, from now on let owners say no to hair flying trouble; FURminator fumeinette shampoo series, according to different hair types, for pet care; Beauty tools series, Made in USA quality assurance, let pet beauty whether in the beautician hand or daily care at home, have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

Hoop & Loop Apparel

“Scratching and crawling” are pets’ nature. Scratch & crawl damage clothes easily, pity too much if that is higher price become “Disposable clothing” Hook & Loop Apparel = harness(functional) + clothing parts (flexible + styling) - Hook to put on, pull to take off. 1. When pets scratch /crawl Simply pull the clothes parts off to restore to harness, no damage to clothing parts to avoid one time wearing 2.Trendy Styles look - Theme designs include Hanfu / Princess / Wedding / Lolita / Parent-child wear, etc - Play around whole / partial changing to create unique looks / cross over styles 3.Smart belts construction - serve as harness and dress up frame - no tied limbs, more comfy to pets - V-shaped design allow body shapes variances 4.Full designed back and front - traditional pet clothes design focus mainly on body back. Ours take both. - buttons on belts - serve for accessories attachment giving more dress up options 


Dream sky

1. 24V DC safe voltage; 2. The back cooling fin of the light is conducive to the heat dissipation of the lamp body; 3. APP Intelligent Control; 4. The lamp body is sealed with glue injection and waterproof treatment; 5. Optical lens, lightness upgrading (high brightness, low light degradation, low heat)); 6. Solve the side light problem of arowana. Make the arowana more solid.

Gululu integrated hanging pet water dispenser

1. Integrated design; 2. Installation and disassembly outside the cage; 3. Glue wrapping design; 4. Patent drain hole.

Pet art derivative

We are committed to the development of a variety of pet design art derivative bags and so on. Custom printing can be done on art derivative kits, such as ordering 500 art derivative kits and designing 500 different artworks. 

SOOOZ Connectable Rubber Dog Toy

Simple but useful design - easily clean and DIY connectable. Pet owners can buy this series and freely DIY connectable to their favorite style. The simple design can reduce the possibility of dropping small parts, it is more safety.