The first professional and large-scale pet show will be held in Xi'an

Date: 2021-05-20 Compiler:

China (Xi'an) International Pet Show is the first professional and large-scale pet show in Xi'an, which will be co-hosted by the CIPS in 2021. The theme of the show is "Focusing on Xi'an and Deep Cultivation in the Northwest". The show interprets the concept of healthy and harmonious coexistence between humans and nature from multiple angles, as well as a fashionable and leisure life style and dedicated a high-end and high-standard professionalism to industry professionals and pet lovers.

The status of the pet medical industry in Northwest China

In Xi'an, for example, a variety of independent pet hospitals have emerged. According to statistics from Baidu Maps, the number of pet hospitals in Xi’an has reached 377 in 2020, an increase of nearly 70 from 2019. The rapid increase in the number of pet hospitals has brought "difficult choices" for pet owners, and some widespread industry chaos also plagued pet owners. According to statistics from CCTV News, the phenomenon of arbitrary charges in the pet diagnosis and treatment industry is a problem that has been criticized by consumers. "One case, one price", unstandardized pricing, opaque information, and large differences in charges between different hospitals have also become the biggest problems for pet owners.

According to the data of Xi'an Pet Hospitals across the network, 28% of them have a score of 4 or above, of which 11% have a score of 5. In addition, nearly half of the stores have no consumer reviews, and are dominated by grass-roots animal husbandry stations and clinics. Pet hospitals are an emerging industry, industry norms have not yet been established, and the regulatory system is also very weak. A large number of self-employed outpatient clinics and pet hospitals are still out of management, which brings great difficulties to consumers in choosing medical treatment and protecting rights.

Under such circumstance, the appearance of China (Xi'an) International Pet Show will lead the industry to a healthy direction of development.