Pet Day China (Zhengzhou) was a great success

Date: 2021-04-13 Compiler:

Pet Day China (Zhengzhou) was held from April 9-11 at Zhengzhou, has attracted almost 35,000 visitors to the show, that including professionals from pet and aquarium industry, and pet lovers from Zhengzhou and surrounding area. On the nearly 100,000 sqm show floor, more than 300 exhibitors in aquarium, pet food, pet supplies, living stock, pet e-commerce, and veterinary had their display. The reason why Pet Day China has attracted so many consumers was the abundant concurrent events on-site. Visitors can learn from these events and have close contact with the animals. Many professional events were held during the show, CKU All Dog Breeds China Championship, CCA Henan 2nd Cat Championship, CIPS Global Guppy Championship -Zhengzhou Station, CIPS Global Fighting Fish Championship – Zhengzhou Station, CIPS Global Gold Fish Championship – Zhengzhou Station, China Pet Grooming Conference Grooming Seminar - Zhengzhou etc.
There was also a free adoption area for stray cats and an experience area of "fishing for small fish". Many parents who brought their children to the show have really enjoyed the companion of animals. At the scene, there are professional pet medical institutions. Free vet service was also provided on-site. Many pet parents have their pet checked out for free to prevent potential illness.
This event received great feedback from professional buyers and consumers. Pet Day China will continue to hold in the coming months in Beijing and Xi’an.