How to export pet food to China – the ultimate guide

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China International Pet Show(CIPS) interviewed Mr. Shuanghua Li, the Legal Advisor of Pet Industry Committee of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA). Mr. Li sharedon how to obtain the qualification of imported pet food.

At present, in the List of Registered Overseas Pet Food Production and Processing Facilities (also called the White List) released by the General Administration of Customs, P.R. China (GACC), a total of 18 countries/regions are qualified to export finished products, including Thailand, China Taiwan, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Austria, and Spain. New Zealand and Kyrgyzstan can export raw materials.

For commercial sales, after obtaining the white list, these products need to complete the MOA registration certificate. Otherwise, they can only be sold through cross-border e-commerce to individuals, with the limit on RMB 5000 per purchase and RMB 26,000 per individual per year.

As of March 25, the GACC announced a total of 35 pet food facilities from the US to enter the White List. In addition, the restrictions on poultry and ruminant ingredients from the United States have been lifted.When completing the MOA registration, a large number of pet food brands from the US will enter Chinese market.

GACC Registration Procedure

1. Exporting enterprise applying to the GACC through its designated government authority, providing applicant’s name, address, official approval number, product name, main raw materials, usage, and sales certificate.

2. GACC conducts a preliminary evaluation in accordance with Chinese regulations. After considering it acceptable, GACC issues a risk evaluation questionnaire, which varies from country to country.

3. After analyzing, GACC organizes an expert team to conduct a risk assessment on the country, enterprise and products.

4. For those qualified, GACC will determine whether to conduct on-site inspection or spot check, if necessary.

5. Enterprises that have passed the on-site inspection will be registered.

MOA Registration Requirements

1. Technical requirements

Imported pet compound feed and pet additive pre-mixed feed shall entrust its representative offices or agencies in China to apply to MOA. The hygienic indicators shall meet the requirements of the Pet Feed Hygiene Regulations.

2. Label requirements

The pet feed label refers to the general term for the descriptions that are pasted, printed, and attached to the product packaging is to represent product information in the form of words, symbols, numbers, and graphics.

The basic contents of the label include: product general name and product name, raw material composition, product analysis ingredient guarantee value, net content, storage conditions, instructions for use, precautions, production date, expiry date, production company name and address, import registration certificate number, product review test number, claim, mandatory labeling content, free product for pet feed products, and label for entrusted processing.

Customs Clearance Process
Before importing pet food, the importer or agent must go through administrative examination and obtain theEntry Animal and Plant Quarantine License. Canned pet food (HS code 2309101000) does not require a quarantine license; other packaged dog food or cat food (HS code 2309109000) requires the Quarantine License.

After the goods enter the territory, customs personnel conduct on-site inspection, inspection and quarantine, check the goods certificate, and carry out label inspection, sensory inspection, and sampling laboratory testing when necessary.

In terms of customs clearance process, the clearance process of general trade and cross-border e-commerce are basically the same, and it is necessary to apply for the certificate of origin and health certificate of the product sent to China in advance.

For cross-border e-commerce trade, the commodities can be stored in the designated pet food cross-border area warehouse after customs clearance and then shipped to buyers directly from the warehouse.

According to CIPS, more details will be released on the 2nd China International Pet Food Forum (CIPF), held on Nov. 13, during CIPS 2020. Being the sole international B2B trade platform in Asia, CIPS will be held on Nov. 12 to 15, 2020, in Guangzhou. The event is expected to have 1,500 exhibitors in 130,000sqm show space, pooling over 80,000 buyers from over 120 countries.

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