CIPS Fighting Against Novel Coronavirus Infection Together with China Pet Industry

Date: 2020-02-07 Compiler:

CIPS Fighting Against Novel Coronavirus Infection Together with China Pet Industry

(Beijing) The novel coronavirus has attacked Wuhan during the Chinese New Year. Since then, China is taking more focused and targeted actions to restrict the spread. Huoshenshan Hospital, which was built in 10 days, was delivered in Wuhan, the outbreak centre. The world has witness the efficiency of China solving the emergency.

Enterprises and all people are following China’s lead to act accordingly. Production and commercial activities have been suspended. Even though, President Xi Jinping stated that the trend of China's economy to maintain sound development in the long term remains unchanged despite the challenges of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

China pet industry is also moving fast to offer their help to the virus-stricken cities. At the outbreak center, Wuhan, a team of 1000 volunteers is connected with pet owners via social media to look after their pets. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 enterprises from China pet industry donated funds and supplies for support.

China International Pet Show (CIPS), as the largest b2b platform in Asia, also actively respond to the epidemic. CIPS has quoted the statement of Jiang Rongmeng, a member of the National Health Commission expert group, to clear the fact that there was no evidence of the spread of the novel coronavirus between humans and pets, and call on all pet parents to take care their pet during this special period. In order to educate pet parents, CIPS and China North Veterinary Congress (CNVC) advocate all hospitals, clinics and vet to actively respond to the national call and strictly follow the local government's regulations,meanwhile launched an initiative to have vet consultation online on Feb. 5th. Many have offered services. To educate pet stores, CIPS has invited 49 experts to have training classes online.

China has the confidence and capability to win the battle on the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday. CIPS and China pet industry are together facing this special period, work together to resolutely win the battle to prevent and control the new coronavirus infection pneumonia!


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