CIPS 2019 Post Show Report

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CIPS 2019 Post Show Report

The 23rd China International Pet Show (CIPS 2019), the sole B2B international platform in Asia held from Nov. 20 to 23, 2019, created a new record once again with 1387 exhibitors from 24 countries or areas and over 80,000 visitors from over 90 countries or areas, covering 130,000 square meters. CIPS is regarded as the yearly global gathering for pet professionals and labelled as the most important sourcing platform in the world pet industry and the only B2B show to enter into the Chinese and Asian markets.

Keep-increasing number of exhibitors and visitors and key decision-makers have never stop throwing high enthusiasm on CIPS and concurrent activities, which states China and Asia are the most attractive potential consuming market you cannot ignore as well as the most favored manufacturing base you should cooperate with. From the CIPS, the trend for the industry is clear. Pet food is going towards a more healthy for pets and happy to pets and pets owners’ concern, accessory is featured with more functional, intelligent and fashion designs; both of pet food and accessory are personate and target mainly to the Millennial Generation.


The total international brands on CIPS 2019 reached 33.7%, either brought by exhibitors from overseas or their representatives in China. The new exhibitors are mainly from some pavilions such as Great Britain, Canada, Korea, India, and Italy. The main exhibits from overseas are premium food and natural or organic products. While the total increased number of visitors reached 32% compared with that last year, who are mainly from all over China, and new pet market countries from the Middle East, East Europe, South America, and Africa. The following nations ranked the top 10 visitor countries’ origin: Korea, USA, Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. CIPS is a key platform to enter China and other Asian markets. “We came to China for the first time. Our product is mainly dry food. We started making dog food in the UK in the 1950s and then moved to make cat food. We are amazed at how good and how big it is. We are really pleased. The best show we have been to for many years. We are surprised at how big and how fast China pet market is growing, especially with premium products and modern products. We are very happy to be here and will come back next year,” said Mr. John Walgate, Managing Director of Vitalin from UK. 


Asia is a rising star and energetic young market for the pet industry, however, both the manufacturers and consumers need to be educated. CIPS organized a series of professional events for various sectors of professionals concurrently, such as the 7th China Pet Distributors & E-Commerce Conference, the 6th New Product Showcase and Fashion Show, the 5th Global Pet Forum Asia (GPFA), the 4th Global Ornamental Fish Championship, the 3rd CIPS Innovation Award, the 3rd China Pet Store Owners Forum, the 1st CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC) and the 2nd Golden Finger Grooming Competition, and the 1st China International Pet Food ForumCIPF. These professional events got much support from near 50 countries or areas in various sectors. Love is the foundation of the industry, and responsibility is the base of CIPS.


  The 5th Global Pet Forum Asia (GPFA)                                  The 1st China International Pet Food ForumCIPF


  2019 CIPS Innovation Award Ceremony                                   The 3rd China Pet Store Owners Forum

Innovation is the top priority by CIPS. The CIPS Innovation Award was announced from 2017 which is free and open to all enterprises (CIPS exhibitors or non-exhibitors) in the world together with PETS International, the most influential media to professionals in the pet industry.  In 2019 CIPS organizer got over 200 products from exhibitor or non-exhibitor from all over the world and judged by the top experts from 15 countries or areas. The criteria is not only on health, design and concept, but also on green and sustainable development of the industry. From the New Product Showcase and Innovation Awarded products, the designs from the Asian manufacturers are more and more favored by the visitors, and the research and development teams owned by the Chinese manufactures are also increasingly valued.

As the Chinese pet consuming market is booming in the past five years, CIPS started to put more emphasis on China domestic markets, which can be witnessed by a lot of forums and lectures for the Chinese importers, distributors and E-commerce distributors, groomers, retailers and students. The Chinese Pet Market Report delivered by JINGDONG every year during CIPS night gave a very detailed description for the Chinese consuming market, and ALIBABA also introduced the present and future market trend in China. Now the Chinese pet industry is hot, yet highly competitive. Furthermore, more and more capital investment rushed into the industry which has made the market more competitive and attractive. According to JINGDONG and ALIBABA prediction during CIPS, China pet market will keep increasing and is expected to be the largest consuming market in the world.



                                    CIPS 2019 Exhibitor Booths

To encourage the aqua market, CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship is building up an aqua community of hobbyists, breeders, clubs, associations, and suppliers. Over 100 judges from 25 countries or areas and nearly 1000 hobbyists from about 60 countries have participated in the event, and over 1 million hobbyists joined in the contests.  “This is fantastic, marvelous and super. I love the Championship so much and appreciate CIPS Organizer for all they have done,” one contestant from Europe commented to the journalist with excitement.

A lot of contests target to enhance the consuming level, guide the industry, and richen the colorful life for pets have made the visitors focused on. The contest for grooming from 9 countries, contest for cake-cooking, contest for tank-landscaping from over 40 countries or areas attracted so many young professionals and show the potential increase for the world pet market.


2019 CIPS International Aquascaping Contest (CIAC)        2019 CIPS Global Grooming Contest (CGGC)


               CIPS Pet Nutrition Contest                                                CIPS New Product & Smart Product Showcase

Many enterprises grow together with CIPS. “In 1997, we participated at the first edition of CIPS as Tetra’s representative in China and have started this 23 year cooperation with CIPS. CIPS is the frontier or the eyes of China pet industry. We have confidence that CIPS will continue leading more Chinese brands to open the global markets and assisting more overseas brands to expand their Asian business,” said Mr. Ziqian Liu, General Manager of Spectrum Brands. It is CIPS’ mission and commitment to bring growth and development to the world pet industry development together with all of the global professionals.

The 24th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2020) will be held on November 12 to 15, 2020 in Guangzhou. As the most important platform for sourcing and potential consuming market, CIPS is confident to gather more professionals, present more premium products and deliver more inspirations in the coming year at CIPS 2020.