CIPS New Products Release (Season Three)

Date: 2019-10-21 Compiler:

CIPS New Products Release (Season Three)

New Product Showcase aims to display the latest products of pet and aquarium. CIPS 2019 New Product Showcase is located in Hall 5.1. 

Booth No. 6.1 6B3-70


Name of New Products in English Aqua Star


Introduction of New Products in English

1. Sustainable degradation of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite purification of water quality reduce the number of water exchanges and maintain weak acidic water quality. 2. Promote the growth of various probiotics quickly form beneficial bacterial flora with stable advantages and create an aquatic ecological environment. 3. Decomposition of feces feed residues and other organic matter remove the odor of water reduce the breeding of insects and mosquitoes. 4. Help the intestines and stomach to establish beneficial microflora improve the digestive function of fish promote appetite and help feed digestion and absorption. 5. Rich in a variety of active ingredients increase the pressure resistance of fish reduce pathogenic microorganisms and harmful algae repair fish wounds improve survival rate.


New Products Pictures

Brand LOGO

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