CIPS ’19 Locking November in Shanghai

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CIPS'19 Locking November in Shanghai

The 23rd China International Pet Show (CIPS’19) will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on Nov. 20 to 23, 2019 after a resounding success at Guangzhou in 2018. CIPS welcomed 1,384 exhibitors from 29 countries/regions and 60,408 visits from 90 countries/regions on its 130,000 m² show space on Sept. 27 to 30, 2018.

CIPS is regarded as Asia’s leading trade platform for pet and aquarium. It covers a wide range of pet items (65.6%), from pet food, animal nutrition and grooming products to pet houses, toys and digital gadgets. 32.7 percent of its exhibitors focus on servicing the aquarium sector, with the top categories including aquariums, accessories, feed and ornamental fish. CIPS’18 hosted 10 national pavilions. Among the 189 (14%) international exhibitors, the top ten regions were Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Italy, USA, Japan, France and Singapore. Visitors to CIPS’18 came from 90 countries/regions (79 in 2017). The hall configuration and an online WeChat guide to the event proved popular with visitors and made it easier to navigate the halls.

Asia’s Leading Trade Platform

CIPS is the sole B2B platform and gateway into Asian markets. CIPS is ranked as the most efficient event to locate Asian partners. Buyers may put 70% to 80% of their annual order from Chinese manufacturers on CIPS. CIPS is an international trade platform, reflected by the nature of its visitors: distributors (20%), retailors (20%), traders (18%), agencies (18%), manufacturers (16%), and trade media and services (8%).

CIPS continues assisting international brands expanding China and Asian markets. CIPS is the only show in China that can attract domestic buyers from all provinces in China. During Global Pet Forum Asia, co-organized with Pet International, key note speakers analyzed global markets, as well as the trends in China, Thailand, Russia, Oceania, etc. With its newly social media marketing system, CIPS’18 attracted about 5 million online audience during the four-day event, creating another layer of audience.

The top 10 overseas visitors are from Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, India, Russia and Indonesia, with Thailand, India and Indonesia entering the top 10 for the first time. While non-Asian visitors remained stable (41% of total international visitors), CIPS’s influence in Asia continues to increase.

Innovation and Smart Products

Innovation is CIPS’ key word in 2018. The organizer invited 16 industry experts from 11 countries, forming a judge panel. After their independent evaluation, 19 companies have won CIPS Innovation Awards on five categories of Pet Food, Pet Accessory, Aquarium, Small Pet and Design. 96 companies won the title of Innovation Stars, 62 companies exhibited their new products in featured zone, and more than 300 new products information has been released both to the industry and consumers through CIPS marketing network.

Smart products also caught people eyes. A total of 19 companies showed 50 smart products in the themed Smart Zone. In pet section, smart products have expanded from feeding and water fountains to GPS tracking, training and even robots. In aqua area, monitoring and adjusting systems are popular, while automatic water change and feeding systems are widely applauded. The trend is from single smart product to the creation of smart living environment for pets.

Dynamic Activities and Programs

In the aquarium sector, CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship has expanded from 16 categories in 2017 to 20 categories in 2018. First Biotope Contest is widely applauded by the industry. During CIPS Golden Finger Grooming Competition, 63 individual groomers and 21 teams competed in two days for top individual groomers and teams.

During China Import Pet Feed Policy and Regulation Symposium, the audience has received an update and detailed explanation in China’s latest changes on pet food import policies.

China pet industry’s double-digit booming growth in recent years has captured the eyes of capital investors. Pet Investment Forum featured 26 speakers, who are key players in both investment and pet fields.

The cross border of pet and aquarium, international and domestic markets, OEM and ODM, online and offline is blurred. China’s position in the world pet industry is not only a manufacturing center, but a huge market as well. Nobody can afford to miss the most active and fasted growing market.

The China International Pet Show (CIPS) takes place annually, alternating between Guangzhou and Shanghai. The 23rd edition will be held in November 20 to 23, 2019 in Shanghai at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Exhibitor application and visitor registration can be found on: 

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