CIPS 2018 International Gold Fish Championship

Date: 2018-11-06 Compiler:

CIPS 2018 International Gold Fish Championship was held from September 27th - 30th during 2018 China International Pet Show (CIPS) in Guangzhou, China. The championship attracted gold fish buyers as well as fisheries worldwide as participants and professional visitors, which supported the show as the sufficient and effective platform for gold fish professionals and lovers. There were 149 contesting gold fish including 22 Oranda, 14 Short Tail Oranda, 24 Ranchu, 20 Ryukin, 13 Butterfly, 13 Dragon Eyes,15 Pearl-scale, 10 Bubble Eyes, and 18 Open gold fish coming mostly from mainland China, Taiwan, and Tailand. According to the current global gold fish breed and standards, the organizers and judges discussed how to improve the judging criteria and attract more people's interests worldwide. The results were translated to several languages in order to better promote gold fish and the culture. For more information, please contact or

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