First Biotope Aquarium Contest Application

Date: 2018-06-12 Compiler:


Entries can be submitted through the following link:  


Scan the following bar code

The following information will be required when submitting your entries to CBAC:

Title: No more than 15 words

The title should contain: the type, name and the location(district、country)of the water habitat biotope you copy. For example, Slow-move Puddle, near Baiyunshan Mountain, in Guangzhou, China


Biotope description: (No less than 100 words)

The description should contain:

1)Underwater landscape, the visual characteristics of the ground, stones, driftwood, fallen leaf, etc. 

2)List of aquatic organisms, fish, plants, insect & etc.

3)The surrounding environment and water parameters, light, temperature, hardness, acidity of water.

4)What do the biotope impress you or why do you chose the biotope.



Information sources

Please specify the information sources that you learn about your biotope, either books, article, video, photo, etc. that will help the jury to evaluate your aquarium more accurately.


Aquarium information

Please specify your aquarium information as follow:

1)The dimensions of your aquarium in centimeters.

2)The list of decoration materials used, such as rock, sand, wood, dry leaf, etc.

3)The list of technical equipment used(when photographing could be removed temporarily), such as filtration, lighting, etc.

4)The water parameters: temperature, GH, pH.

5)The list of all living aquatic organisms in Latin scientific name, such as fish, plants and large invertebrates. And all of them should be visible in the photos.


Photos of your tank

High-quality photos are one of the most important components of successful participation. You are allowed to upload six photos at most in form of JPEG. Each file should be clearly visible and not exceed 5 megabytes. The original photos are not allowed to edit except cropping.

Cropping guidelines:

1)At least one photo is the whole front of your aquarium.

2)The jury will evaluate only underwater part of your aquarium. The part above water can only affect the overall impression.

The organizers can re-crop your photo, if your crop does not meet the specified conditions. The organizers have the right to release photos of your entries.


Video of your tank

An aquarium video is necessary, not for grading but for an evaluation reference by the jury. Any indication of the author in the video are not allowed. Each file should not exceed 1 minutes.

Please send your video to the organizer mail or , or send the link to download it.


Author identification confirmation

When submitting application please upload a photo to confirm your authorship, a photo of your aquarium with a sheet of paper with CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest 2018 written on it. This photo is only for the organizers of the contest and will not be published. We also ask participants to send photos of aquaria not submitted to other competitions at the same time.




The TOP 10 will be invited to take part in the Award Ceremony and Live Show at CIPS 2018 on Sept. 27 to 30, in Guangzhou, China.



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