GIE expands in South East Asia

Date: 2018-05-18 Compiler:

China Great Wall Exhibition Company ("Great Wall”), the owner of CIPS, announces today it has agreed to acquire 50% of the “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” from the Thailand based organizer IMPACT. This acquisition is the first step in line with China Great Wall development strategies. The deal was supported by Singapore based MICE investment consultancy firm Expos Asia Pte Ltd. (

Milestone for Chinese Exhibition Industry

China Great Wall Exhibition Company is particularly proud for the first asset deal of a Chinese organizer outside of China. The president of China Great Wall , Mrs. Yang Cheng said: “We would like to promote further development of the industry with our resources and network, especially  in area’s with growth potential ”

Great Wall is following the One-road-belt strategy and is eager to expand its international pet show network beyond ASEAN and Chinese borders. The acquisition of “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” is a first milestone for Great Wall to become increase their activities in the international pet exhibition market. Together with China International Pet Exhibition CIPS (Sep.27-30 2018)  and the shows in Thailand Great Wall is the leader of pet exhibitions in Asia Pacific Region.

Importance for China and Thailand

The acquisition of “Thailand Int’l Pet Variety” and “Thailand Int’l Dog Show” is not only important for Great Wall and IMPACT but even more important for the exhibition industries in China and Thailand. For China it’s the first investment of an organizer outside the borders of China along the one-road-belt and for Thailand the first welcome of a Chinese organizer to the Indo-Chinese subcontinent. The newly formed Joint Venture between Great Wall and IMPACT will bring both countries closer together and improve the industries in both countries. Particularly fish breeders from Thailand are eager to explore China and Chinese pet manufacturers have now an access to the ASEAN market with more then 500 million consumers.

IMPACT welcomes Chinese organizer

IMPACT, one of Thailand’s largest exhibition organizer and venue owners is very content with this acquisition. The General Manger, Mr. Loy Joon How said “We are excited with our collaborations with China Great Wall Exhibition Company to further develop and grow the “Thailand  International Pet Variety and the Thailand International Dog shows to be key regional shows that support the growth of the regional pet and dog care markets and industry.” 

After a long period of international organizers mainly from Europe, USA and India IMPACT is very proud to host the first Chinese organizer. It’s also the first time that IMPACT sold a part of their existing assets and shows to a Chinese organizer.