Congratulation Speech from PETS International

Date: 2016-11-16 Compiler:

Dear Yang and board of the CIPS,

Yang, you and your staff worked, over the years, with a lot of passion and dedication. We, as PETS International, are traveling a lot to all kind of pets events, wherever it may be. I must say in the early years it was surprising to see that the CIPS was every where. It was this concentrated dedication of the CIPS that made the Chinese pet industry visible. An industry that turned into an important and reliable global partner to source and to trade with.You where able to bridge the differences between the Chinese and the international business partners. This dedication of you and the CIPS has been a mayor contribution to the success of the Chinese Pet industry today.

Over the years CIPS shows that they have eye for developments in the market and you managed to bring your business concept in line with this. Therefore, we have strong confidence in the continuation of this succes in the coming 20 years.