Congratulation Speech from Interzoo Organisation Committee

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Congratulations on the twentieth exhibition of the China International Pet Show (CIPS)

Hans-Jochen Buengener, Chairman, Interzoo Organizing Committee

It is an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to congratulate today on the 20th CIPS.

When I became chairman of the Interzoo Organizing Committee in 1987, Asia was still not on the agenda as an interesting pet market.

Only 10 years later, in 1997, the visionaries of GIE decided to found the China International Pet Show. It has begun with 86 exhibitors. An exemplary development to now around 1200 exhibitors started at that time.

Asia's most important and biggest trade fair is to be celebrated today. During this time, Cheng Yang and her staff obviously have been very successful in doing the right things, watching the markets and analyzing them. They integrated their customers, initially the domestic industry, through service, help and willingness to intensify cooperation in the design of this market place, which has contributed significantly to the success of the Chinese and then the Asian pet animal industry.

Today, exhibitors from all over the world are represented at CIPS. The CIPS goes its way with great success.

GIE and CIPS are dear and esteemed partners of Interzoo, as our contract partner. Since 1998 the stands of Chinese exhibitors at Interzoo are organized by GIE. As it started with 12 exhibitors in 1998, we had 224 exhibitors from China at Interzoo 2016..

Also for this cooperation my heartily thanks.

May the CIPS continue to develop as successfully as up to now in the future. I am looking forward to our further close and good collegial cooperation.